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OKAY FERN PRECISION CASTINGS PVT. LTD. Established in 2008 is an investment casting foundry(lost wax process) and within a short span of time developed more than 1000 components in different alloys to a host of different industries like Automobile, Defence,Switchgear,Surgical,Body implant,Artificial Limbs,Electrical & Electronics...


<ul><li>OKAY FERN PRECISION CASTINGS PVT. LTD. investment casting people </li><li>ABOUT US.. Established in 2008 OKAY FERN Air Melt Investment Castings. Today OKAY FERN is developed into highly specialized &amp; innovative medium sized company based at Nashik near Mumbai. Market served is Engineering ,Switch Gear, Automobiles, Pumps &amp; valves, surgical Implants Right now, 240 Employees works for OKAY FERN </li><li>FACILITIES 30000 sq.ft Manufacturing space . Medium to high volume Production. Part size 1 gm to 150 Kgs. Ferrous and non Ferrous foundry. </li><li>Advantages of Investment Castings Complex shapes which are difficult by any other method are possible. Very close tolerances and excellence surface finish can be obtained. Ready for use with little or no machining required. Almost any metal can be cast. No flash or parting lines. Suit for producing complex shapes where other manufacturing processes are too costly and time-consuming Better for the Environment. </li><li>Advantages of Investment Castings Design &amp; Casting Versatility. Saving Costs, Time and Labor A very smooth surface is obtained with no parting line. Dimensional accuracy is good. Certain unmachinable parts can be cast to preplanned shape. It may be used to replace die-casting where short runs are involved. Many Intricate forms with undercuts can be cast. </li><li>CORPORATE VISION.. To become leading manufacturer of investment casting in ferrous &amp; non-ferrous alloys. Highest quality ensure material diversity ,complexity of geometry , dimensional accuracy with competitive prices. To achieve above using advanced technology. Latest know-how, customer centered culture ,experienced &amp; skilled team provide complete solutions </li><li>CORPORATE GOALS.. Strong Customer Relationship on mutual benefit New technology in line with meeting future demands. Qualified , Loyal &amp; motivated employees. Firm commitment to environment and social policies. </li><li>MILESTONE Started manufacturing operation in 2008. In September 2008 our QMS is certified to ISO 9001:2000. In December 2009 we got certification for PED 97/23/EC &amp; AD 2000 WO merkblatt by TUV Nord. In January 2010 production capacity is increased from 12 MT to 40 MT of saleable castings per month. In June 2010 added new testing facilities like computerized Tensile Testing, Impact Testing etc. In October 2010 QMS is upgraded to ISO 9001:2008 &amp; ISO TS 16949:2009. by TUV Nord </li><li>MILESTONE Our foundry got approval for military products by Rifle Factory &amp; Bharat Dynamic Limited. In 2011 the manufacturing capacity is increased from 40 MT to 80 MT of saleable castings per month. In December 2011 added Mitutoyo make 2D Linear height gauge for precise &amp; accurate measuring. In Nov.2013, the manufacturing capacity is increased from 80 MT to 170 MT &amp; new built up area of 20000 sq. ft. in added. By Oct. 2014 the manufacturing capacity will further increased from 170 MT to 240 MT. </li><li>QUALITY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM. DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. ISO/TS 16949:2009. Pressure Equipment Directive 97/23/EC. AD 2000 Merkblatt WO. Approved for Military products by Rifle factory , Ordnance Factory &amp; Bharat Dynamics Limited. EMS 14001 :2004 Under implementation. OHSAS18001:2007 Under implementation. </li><li>QUALITY MANAGEMENT New Product ,Development is based on feasibility studies &amp; structural system analysis. In-house Testing facility available is.. a) Spectral Analysis of the melt. b) Mechanical Tests. c) Metallographic Examination. d) Crack Test ( Dye penetration &amp; Magnetic Crack) e) Dimensional Check. OUT SOURCING TESTING FACILITY a) Radiography. B) CMM </li><li>FACTS &amp; FIGURES. The overwhelming response to our product can be seen by jump in sales years after year.. 22.62 50.68 94.37 138.6 206.6 337 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 400 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014 Sales Sales Figure in million </li><li>Export Sales.. Figures in million 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 2012 2013 2014 Export Sales Column1 Column2 </li><li>PRODUCT PORTFOLIO </li><li>PRODUCT PORTFOLIO </li><li>PAIRING CHAMER CASTING THIS COMPONENT IS DEVELOPED FOR ALFA LAVAL , SWEDEN OKAYFERN IS THE SECOND FOUNDRY IN THE WORLD TO MAKE SUCH TYPE CASTINGS WHICH ARE HAVING 586 SPIKES OF SIZE 3mm DIA AND 10 mm length. </li><li>6" SEGMENT CARRIER INITIALLY CASTING WAS ROOTED THROUGH SAND CASTING METHOD WITH LOT OF MACHINING AND PRESS FITTING OF BALL. OKAYFERN HAS DEVELOPED THIS COMPONENT WHICH DIRECTLY GOES FOR ASSEMBLY WITH INBUILT BALL AND ALL THE HOLE AS CAST. </li><li>TURBO CHARGER FOR TURBO ENERGY Ltd. PRESENTLY MADE THROUGH SAND CASTING METHOD MATERIAL : SG 400/15 </li><li>Our valuable Domestic &amp; International Customers </li><li>Visit us : www.okayfern.co.in </li></ul>