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Most Frustrating Car Features

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1. Most Frustrating Car Features.. 2. Every year hundreds of new cars are coming to the road with very latest features. 3. Some of the features are necessary and entertaining where as, some are very frustrating. 4. Here, We will discuss on those frustrating features: 5. Touch sensitive Control Touch screen dependent controls 6. Stereo tuning buttons Navigation system 7. Giant Key fobs Square cup holders 8. Auto stop-start Voice controlled system 9. Car Alarms Small side mirrors 10. Touch Sensitive Control: 11. In some vehicles you will notice that the touchscreen displays are too sensitive to the touch while in some other vehicles, it is very cumbersome to operate. 12. Touch Screen Dependent Controls: 13. Sometimes the touchscreen turns a simple task into a multistep process which is quite disturbing. For example: adjusting your air conditioner 14. Stereo Tuning Buttons: 15. For operating radio, simple knobs are the best choice. Instead of stereo tuning buttons, knobs are easier and quicker to operate. 16. Navigation Systems: 17. In motion, navigation systems wont let the driver to make any changes for reducing distraction but it restricts the passengers too, who are willing to program them. 18. Giant Key Fobs: 19. Of course these giant key fobs are more convenient but its too bulky and too heavy to carry in your purse or jeans pocket . 20. Square Cup holders 21. Square holders are not always convenient to use since there are very few manufacturers who make square shaped bottles. 22. Auto Stop-start: 23. Yes, auto stop-start is helpful to save gas but it can also make your driving experience very worst if it is taking too long to start again. 24. Voice Controlled Systems: 25. This feature is really great but most of the times incapable to understand your words, which is really very frustrating. 26. Car Alarms: 27. The basic purpose of a car alarm is to shoo away car thieves but instead of that it only wake up the neighbors . 28. Small Side Mirrors: 29. Small side mirrors are of no use, you cant have a clear visibility with that & in result you have to rely on the shoulder glance which is annoying. 30. Website: DreamCars- Enterprises/217430874949427