Mini Cooper & The Power Of Social Media Advocates

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Everything the automotive industry needs to know to about selling more cars is at their fingertips - literally. Here in the slides of a very passionate Mini Cooper owner are words of love and wisdom for any automobile brand that wants to use social media to engage and harness the power of its best advocates.

Text of Mini Cooper & The Power Of Social Media Advocates

  • MINI and the Power of Advocates @rileygibson
  • I love cars. Maybe a little too much according to some (my wife).
  • I grew up with them.
  • Im a huge racing fan.
  • But, Ive never loved any car like I love my MINI.
  • Some might not understand. But to me, my MINI is much more than a pile of steel. It has a personality. It has moods. It has emotions. And it has gotten me through a lot.
  • It has gotten me through long, long road trips.
  • I got married in it.
  • Its a bit like my dog.
  • I appreciate every little detail and design choice.
  • I appreciate every quirk.
  • I appreciate the sounds and the driving experience.
  • I am a true MINI advocate and I make sure my friends know it.
  • And Im not the only one.
  • There are a lot of extremely passionate, dedicated, smart and creative MINI owners.
  • Some young, some old.
  • We are artists.
  • Entrepreneurs.
  • Engineers.
  • Innovators.
  • Photographers.
  • Weirdos.
  • Racing drivers.
  • And legends.
  • Imagine if MINI partnered with advocates for inspiration, feedback and authentic content. Imagine if MINI made us participants in the brand.
  • We are not just consumers. We can and will participate. We want to make MINI even better and we are your biggest untapped resource.
  • Just ask us.
  • Photos by MINI Advocates on Flickr: Riley Gibson Tim Wang idovermani rg-fotos dickdavid NathanaelB kenjonbro JD the Photog lincolnblues fnchng About Riley + Napkin Labs Riley is the CEO and Co-founder of Napkin Labs a co-creation and ad- vocate platform for leading consumer product brands around the world.