Mini Cooper & The Power Of Social Media Advocates

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Text of Mini Cooper & The Power Of Social Media Advocates

  • MINI and the

    Power of



  • I love cars. Maybe a little

    too much according

    to some (my wife).

  • I grew up with them.

  • Im a huge racing fan.

  • But, Ive never loved any

    car like I love my MINI.

  • Some might not understand.

    But to me, my MINI is much

    more than a pile of steel.

    It has a personality.

    It has moods. It has

    emotions. And it has

    gotten me through a lot.

  • It has gotten me through

    long, long road trips.

  • I got married in it.

  • Its a bit like my dog.

  • I appreciate every little

    detail and design choice.

  • I appreciate every quirk.

  • I appreciate the sounds

    and the driving experience.

  • I am a true MINI

    advocate and I make

    sure my friends know it.

  • And Im not the only one.

  • There are a lot of extremely

    passionate, dedicated, smart

    and creative MINI owners.

  • Some young, some old.

  • We are artists.

  • Entrepreneurs.

  • Engineers.

  • Innovators.

  • Photographers.

  • Weirdos.

  • Racing drivers.

  • And legends.

  • Imagine if MINI partnered

    with advocates for inspiration,

    feedback and authentic

    content. Imagine if MINI made

    us participants in the brand.

  • We are not just consumers.

    We can and will participate.

    We want to make MINI even

    better and we are your

    biggest untapped resource.

  • Just ask us.

  • Photos by MINI Advocates on Flickr:

    Riley GibsonTim Wang

    idovermani rg-fotos


    kenjonbroJD the Photog


    About Riley + Napkin Labs

    Riley is the CEO and Co-founder of Napkin Labs a co-creation and ad-vocate platform for leading consumer product brands around the world.