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By G.Suraj ROLL NO:52

By G.Suraj Roll no : 52


Automobili Lamborghini was Founded by Ferrucio Lamborghini in 1963.

Ferrucio was born in Italy on April 28th 1916. He was involved in farming at an early age and had a lot of mechanical knowledge. He Was fascinated with engines at a young age. He built tractors with the leftover parts from the war . Ferrucio was wealthy , He then decided to build a tractor manufacturing company called the Lamborghini trattori in 1948. Then in the year 1959 he opened an oil heating and air conditioner factory called the Lamborghini Bruciatori.


Ideology Behind the finding of Lamborghini

Ferrucio was a wealthy man , fascinated by cars. He travelled to Maranello to buy a Ferrari 250GT and bought two more cars. Ferrucio thought the cars could be much better and he was dissatisfied with the Ferrari . He then took his observations to Enzio ferrari but was given no respect and was chased out . so this influenced him to build his own car which came out as a success.

In 1963 he created his own Automobile manufacturing unit called the Automobili Lamborghini in Bolognese, Italy.

The first car was the Lamborghini 350GTV.It proved to be a great Success. It had a full Alloy v12 engine, 2coupe, 600 horse power. Top speed 250kmph Over 130 350GT cars were sold. He then followed On by making the 400GT and 400gt 2+2.


Hard times befell the company in 1973, after that the sales declined to a great extent.

Automobili Lamborghini became bankrupt in1978.

Full controll was then taken over by chrysler corporation in 1987.

In 1994 it was sold to setdco and vpower corporation.

In 1998 ownership was handed over to Volkswagen grouop under the control of audi division.

After Volkswagen acquired Automobili Lamborghini , Stephan winkelman was appointed as the President and

CEO in 2005 and continues his good performance till today.

Filippo perini is the current Director and Chief designer of

Automobili Lamborghini. He has played a major role in the

creation of extraordinary designs for the company

Gallardo Diablo Murcielago Strada


In 2010 : Lamborghini earned a profit of $361 million with a sales of 1302 units.

In 2011 : Lamborghini earned a profit of $429 million with a sales of 1602 units.

In 2012 : Lamborghini earned a profit of $649.5 million with a sales of 2083 units.

In 2013 : Lamborghini earned a profit of $703.5 million with a sales of 2121 units.

Current cars of Lamborghini

Aventador (us$3,97,500) Huracan (us$2,37,250)


The CEO stephan winkelman stated that the company is deciding to join hands with other luxury brands and expand into an all terrain sports utility vehicle. The Lamborghini announced that they have an idea of manufacturing their first SUV called URUS . It has now been ensured by the CEO that the process has began and conformed. He also stated that the URUS will be out for Sales by 2017.