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How To Buy A Car - The Hassle Free Way

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Buying a car can be intimidating for anyone. Luckily, Roadloans has a quick guide with all the tips you need to navigate your next auto purchase. From working with the dealer to getting the auto financing you need, we hope you find these tips helpful.

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  • buy a CAR HOW TO
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  • RESEARCH Visit multiple dealerships and play them o one another. Dont be looking to buy the rst time you go to a dealership. Tell dealers youre just looking and dont let them talk you into anything. JONS DEALERSHIP CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • Go to the dealership when its closed so you can roam with no pressure. Take notes on what you like, then return home and do some serious research. JANES DEALERSHIP CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • Get the original invoice Find out what the dealer paid for the vehicle 31 Now youll know MSRP and how long the car has been on the lot; if its been more than a month, theyll be more eager to get rid of it. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • TOP 10 BEST-SELLING CAR MODELS WORLDWIDE in 2012 http://www.usatoday.com/story/money/cars/2013/04/09/most-popular-car-ford-focus-esta-honda-civic-toyota-camry/2066187/ FORd F-SERIES 786,000 TOYOTA COROLLA 872,000 WULING ZHIGUANG 767,000 TOYOTA CAMRY 730,000 FORD FIESTA 723,000 VW GOLF 699,000 Chevrolet cruze 661,000 Honda Civic 651,000 Honda Cr v 625,000 FORD FOCUS 1,020,000 CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • set up your loan in advance. Compare interest rates and get pre-approved. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • 17,000 franchised new-car dealerships per year In the past 65 years, there have been 49,200 dealerships 1949 had the highest surge of new dealerships at CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • Go later in the night at the end of the month or quarter. negotiating sat Don't bother negotiating when the dealership is busy, like on a Saturday. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • Negotiate the last 2 weeks of the year. Dealers are most desperate for sales because they have to pay taxes on cars left on the lot after the New Year. If you are a cash client, dont mention it until after you have agreed on price. The dealer will have more room to drop the price with the idea of making some back in nancing. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • how to calculate a reasonable price for a car Subtract dealer incentives and holdback from the invoice price and offer 5 percent over that. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • THE BOTTOM LINE Explain that you have a target price (reasonably based o of research) and that you will be available when they meet you there. Politely refuse counter oers and leave a phone number. Find out dealer holdback incentives or manufacturer reimbursements. Dont take a car home for the night. Know beforehand the fees you will be assessed at close. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • close Say no to fees. Administrative fees are negotiable, but you shouldnt pay for oor plan fees or inventory space. Bring a calculator to know the price of add-ons you want beforehand. You can save $200 to $300 when you buy an Extended Car Warranty before your current warranty expires. http://www.mycarstats.com/Content/car_warranty.asp CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
  • Be prepared to walk out if you don't get the price you want. CLICK HERE to see the full infographic
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