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Glotzer & Sweat, LLP – Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, CA FIVE BIGGEST MISTAKES You Can Make After A Car Accident

Five Biggest Mistakes You Can Make After A Car Accident

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Being in a car wreck should not wreck your life! Avoiding the five most common mistakes made by car accident victims could mean the difference between full compensation or being left not made whole!

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Glotzer & Sweat, LLP Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles, CAFIVE BIGGEST MISTAKES You Can Make After A Car Accident1STOP!!Youve just been in an accident through no fault of your own, you were injured and you are wondering?

What do I need to do to make sure I dont get stuck bearing the financial burden of medical costs, lost income, a rental car, property damage repairs, deductibles?What should I not do?



21. Making Statements At the Scene of the Accident or LaterCar accident claims are not paid out lightly. Insurance companies would like any excuse to not pay you or to pay you very little. Unfortunately, the law allows statements you make to be used against you in later legal proceedings. These can be at the scene of the crash, in a recorded interview to a claims adjuster in person or on the phone or even flippant remarks, photos or other information you post up on public forums like Facebook and Twitter. 32. Not Seeking Prompt and Thorough Medical Examination and TreatmentSeeking out immediate medical treatment is essential to knowing and confirming all the potential medical conditions that have been caused by the incident. Moderate to severe traffic collisions usually cause sufficient bodily harm to warrant ambulance transport from the scene. Refusing emergency care can not only leave you with worsening medical problems that could have been helped with more prompt diagnosis, it can also leave the insurance company to argue that you are not injured as severely as you later claim. In addition, failing to seek out follow up diagnosis through diagnostic tools like X-Rays, MRI s and CT Scans and consultation with medical specialists like orthopedists and neurologists can delay healing and reduce case value. Also: Once a case is settled and a release is signed, there is no rewinding the clock to seek more money if you find out your condition is much more serious and originally thought!43. Being Inconsistent in Attending Physical Therapy and Other Medical TreatmentsGaps in treatment are extremely negative for two reasons:They delay the healing process; andThey provide ammunition to insurance companies to argue that, If your client was hurt that bad, why did they keep missing doctors appointments.Everyone has busy lives but, there is no higher priority than your health! Recovering from a traumatic injury requires consistent medical care!54. Not Being Truthful About Prior Injuries or ClaimsMost state tort laws (including California) state that negligent drivers are responsible for injuries even if the person injured was more susceptible to harm due to a prior medical condition and that exacerbation of a prior injury is still compensable. Therefore, pre-existing medical conditions do not destroy the value of your claim. Lying about pre-existing medical conditions destroys your credibility as a claimant, which very well may ruin your case! This is especially true if the prior medical condition was to the same body part claimed to be injured in the present accident. 65. Not Seeking Prompt Legal Advice From A Quality Personal Injury LawyerPresenting a claim for personal injuries following an auto accident is not a simple process. A quality personal injury law firm can provide good sound advice and act as a buffer between you and the opposing insurance representatives and their claims adjusters and lawyers. They can also make sure that every damage is accounted for and assist in negotiation of payment in medical expense that maximizes the money you net out of the case. By attempting to go it on your own, you can make mistakes that will come back to haunt you later!

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