Farm Equipment Disasters

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See pictures of burned up, crashed, sunk and otherwise destroyed John Deere, Case IH, Gleaner and other brands of tractor, combine and swathers.

Text of Farm Equipment Disasters

  • 1. Brought to you

2. Sinkhole? 3. This would be tough to explain. 4. Really? 5. Think the dry one will pull the wet one out? 6. Autosteer doesnt always know best. 7. Just leave it in there! 8. Thisthis is not good 9. Must have missed those large high line poles 10. How windy do you think it was to do this to those bales?? 11. Dang wateralways getting in the way 12. Time to call the insurance man 13. Looks a little front heavy 14. Looks awful 15. That poor guyI cant imagine what hes thinking 16. Quadtrac Saves the Day 17. Brought to you