Experience Better Driving In Snow With Classic Winter Wheels

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Classic winter wheels have the excellent ability to control vehicles' performance while driving through the slippery snow covered roads.

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  • 1. Experience Better DrivingIn SnowWith Classic WinterWheels

2. Reasons To Choose Classic Winter WheelsGeneral Tires are not much effective inthe snow. For better performance in thefrozen roads one should choose Classicwinter wheels. They not only enhancesvehicles ability to get better grip but alsomake the driving experience less risky. 3. DAI ALLOYS ClassicCONCEPT 5Size FinishingSKU Price17X7.5 VacuumChromeW9588199.0016X6.5 VacuumChromeW9595149.0016X6.5 Silver W9605108.0017X7.5 Silver W9616148.00 4. DAI ALLOYS ClassicCONCEPT 6The classic seriesgathers wheels thatinspire simplicity androbustness. Though lessflamboyant than theother series, they havethe merit to be able topass through thestrongest winters. Thisbrings meaning to thesaying that the classicsnever die. 5. DAI ALLOYS Classic VECTRASize FinishingSKU Price16X7.0 Silver W9617115.0016X7.0 Silver W9639115.0016X7.0Silver W9641115.0017X7.0 Silver W9643130.00 6. E-mail: sales@canadawheels.caTelephone: +1 800 453 4484Fax: +1 604 259 2552https://www.canadawheels.ca