Comparison between Eco Car Wash and Conventional Car Wash Methods

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<p> 1. Comparison between Eco Car Washand Conventional Car Wash Methods. _ K) 3Why choose 'eco friendly car wash pver Tvvashrri; t: 'Eco Cor WoshCleans car in a breeze Fast,easy-to-useN "eed f Waste Water Environment friendly treatment facilitiesNo harsh chemicals, Cost effective no damage to carUses a pint of water V - e _,0 Conventional CorWosh--u" -, . L Time consuming Takes a longer time to clean a car Q g Uses harsh chemicalsg Requires waste water treatment facilities Y .Q May damage car paint8 Costs more _x--;Uses 5 gallons ofo,water per minuteThe modern environment friendly car wash technologies are highly benecial for customers and the environment. EII; LX512@lii: i'7iFI353II3t;3il</p>


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