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Wedding Photographers in Columbus, OH

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Columbus Ohio Wedding Photographers who capture creative wedding photography for the BEST DAY EVER. Specializing in boutique photo-documentary wedding and event photography for Ohio and the US. One-on-one attention, undying creativity, and gorgeous imagery are just some of the superior services you'll get with Jessica Miller Photography. A full line of professional prints, books, canvases and custom cards are available. I can’t wait to talk to you about your life and how you’d like your story told. Please email me at: or call me at : 614-448-6285 for more detailed information.

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  • 1. Wedding Photographersin Columbus, OH

2. Life=Fast Life happens so fast.It is important tohave honest imagesthat tell a story,represent who youare, and carry theinherent beauty of allof your electricmoments. 3. Passion. First picking up acamera around age 6,it has since been mylifes passion to createbeautiful images thattell small little storiesof the larger worldaround me. 4. Who am I? Having studied art &culture in different cities,I have found myselfback home in Ohiowhere Ive met andmarried the love of mylife Scott. I love to meet newpeople, share in all theirmagical futurememories, and capturethe special momentsthat make life so great. Jessica Miller 5. Wedding Photography Wedding coverage starts at $2,300 Wedding Packages start at $2,800. 6. Wedding Photos 7. Wedding Photos 8. Wedding Photos 9. Ten Things You Should Know Before YouHire A Wedding Photographer Click here to read the blog post! 10. Contact me today! Please contact me atthejessicamillerphotos@gmail.comor 614-448-6285 for more detailedinformation and to set up a time whenwe can meet. I cant wait to talk to you about your lifeand how youd like your story told. Visit my site here!

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