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PACKAGES & PRICING Kollam - Trivandrum

Tween Studios Wedding Photography Packages - June 2015 Relase

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PACKAGES & PRICINGKollam - Trivandrum



EconomyStandardCoupleTraditional Photo Unit111Candid Photo Unit--11Traditional Video Unit--11Candid Video Unit----1Special Gears----YesLife Style Shoot----YesTraditional Photo Book40 Pages40 Pages2x50 Pages Travel BookYesYesYesCandid Photo Book----50 PagesHighlight Video----YesDigital KitDVD KitHD KitHD Premium KitComplimentPhoto frames +Couple Upgrade @10,000Photo frames Photo frames Mega Book Upgrade* @6000Discount on Wedding PackagesUpto 2.5%Upto 5% Upto 8% 19,90032,90057,900


EconomyStandardPremiumTraditional Photo Unit111Candid Photo Unit112Traditional Video Unit111Candid Video Unit--12Special Gears--YesYesLife Style Shoot--StandardPremiumTraditional Photo Book80 Pages100 Pages120 PagesTravel BookYesYesYesCandid Photo Book----50 PagesHighlight Video--StandardPremiumDigital KitDVD KitHD KitHD Premium Kit2xTV Unit + Live Cam------ComplimentPhoto framesPhoto frames + Table Top CalendarsMega Book Upgrade + Std Package ItemsBonus--E-BookDigital Frame64,90088,9001,14,900


Couple EcoCouple StdCouple PremiumTraditional Photo Unit111Candid Photo Unit122Traditional Video Unit111Candid Video Unit112Special GearsYesYesYesLife Style Shoot--StandardPremiumTraditional Photo Book2x80 Pages2x100 Pages2x120 PagesTravel BookYesYesYesCandid Photo Book--50 Pages50 Pages PremiumHighlight Video--StandardPremiumDigital KitHD KitHD KitHD Premium Kit2xTV Unit + Live Cam----YesHelicam----YesComplimentPhoto framesPhoto frames + Calendars +TV Unit Upgrade @ 3000 Digital Frame + Ebook + Couple Std Items92,9001,21,9001,75,900



Lifestyle shoot venues shall be suggested by our team and all charges related transportation and stay (if necessary) shall be paid by the clientAn event with tight schedules requires cooperation from the client & relativesBooking charges are not refundable in case of cancellation of bookingsPhoto-book designing and video editing are creative tasks. Please understand that such tasks may require time which varies for each work. We understand our obligation to provide the deliverables as early as possibleWe always welcome suggestions from our clients, so feel free to interactAdditional cost for pages exceeding the proposed leaf count (Rs.200/Page)The pricings are subject to related-services costs fluctuationsAdditional charges of 5-10% are applicable for other cities in KeralaAdditional charges of 10-20% are applicable for cities outside KeralaAll prices are inclusive of taxesPLEASE READ

20% during booking30% on the day of event30% during approval of leaf designs20% during deliveryAll the payments will be preceded by an online Invoice & followed by an online ReceiptPAYMENT TERMS


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