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The Riot Club

The Riot Club

Mis-en-scene in the riot clubAs you can see from the trailer the clothing worn is very smart and posh, they are wearing a tuxedo for most of the trailer showing how posh they are. They tend to be holding wine bottles a lot as well, wine is very expensive and it shows how intellectual one is, it portrays the boys as adults rather then just university students. The props and clothing convey how rich and powerful they are just because their rich, you can tell they arrogant people from the their body language and facial expressions .

Lighting in the riot clubThe lighting used in this trailer varies from scene to scene, when there is trouble the lighting dims emphasizing how serious the scene is, but when the scene is set in broad daylight the lighting changes in to bright lighting. For example when one of the characters was punched by one of the boys the lighting was dim indicating that what he did will result in serious consequences. The dark lighting foreshadows the darkness that will befall these boys

Camera shots In the riot clubThe camera again reflects how serious some scenes are the different angles convey what is happening to the audience. The scene where miles has blood all over his clothing is shown in a high angle shot, this makes him look vulnerable as does his facial expression, portraying him as the vulnerable character. In other scenes like when the leader boy was standing on top of the table in the bar, the camera was looking up at him this shows the authority this boy has compared to miles. The camera angles convey a different side to each character, as shown in the pictures below.

Sound in the riot club The music being played at the start of the trailer is playful music but as we get to the middle of the trailer the music takes a dramatic turn, and the music becomes more intense, this sis the part in the trailer when one of the boys punches the man in the face and the man unexpectedly falls to the ground, the music here indicates that something bad has happened to the man. As the scenes get more violent the music gets faster and faster suggesting how quickly one can go from a high to a low. Like other this trailer also pauses the music when there is dialogue highlighting the importance in the speech.

Editing in the riot clubThere is a lot of editing used in the trailer, the editing highlights the seriousness of the scenes. In the middle of some of the violent scene there are words used to describe the boys behaviour, these words are powerful words that portray the amount of power these boys have. Throughout the trailer the camera just cuts from scene to scene according to the music, where as when one of the boy punches the old man the camera dissolves to the next scene this emphasizes how this scene is the turning point for the movie.