The Best Day Ever!

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Created by Kim McHenry & Kim Nettleingham

Text of The Best Day Ever!

  • 1.Kim McHenry& Kim Nettleingham

2. Cave 285 at Mogao, Gansu Province, Early 6th centuryNarrative scenes from Jatakas: Five Hundred Robbers &Tale of the Hungry Tigress 3. South Wall, Scene of the Five Hundred Robbers Cave 285, Mogao 4. Admonitions of the Imperial Instructress (Lady Feng)to the Court LadiesPainted Silk Handscroll by Gu Kaizhi, 4th century, Jin Dynasty 5. Luoshenfu (Lymphs on the Luo River)Painter: Gu Kaizhi, Eastern Jin Dynasty, 344-406 CEFigures in a landscape setting 6. What do we have in American culture that relates to Chinese Hand Scrolls? 7. Chinese and other ancient cultures used scribes. What is a scribe and what do they do?Do you have a favorite book from your childhood? Who is the illustrator? Do you have a favorite illustrator? 8. Verbally identify at least 2 similarities of and 2 differences between ancient Chinese scrolls and scribes and present day childrens books and illustrators 9. Annos journey illustration and book cover *Image+. (1981). Retrieved from and Hobbes [Image]. (1985). Retrieved from hobbes-dancing-photoGood dog Carl illustration and book cover [Image]. (1996). Retrieved from books-about-dogs/good-dog-carl-illustration-day/Graphic novel futuristic illustration [Image]. (2009). Retrieved from which.html[Photographs of Cave 285 at Mogoa, South Wall, painted silk hand scrolls]. (n.d.). Maggie Duncan-Flowers PowerPoint images, Illinois State University, Normal, IL.Silk worm butterflies [Image]. (2011). Retrieved from how-butterflies-shaped-science-in-japan/ 10. Silk worm cocoons in hands [Image]. (2008). Retrieved from worm cocoons on racks [Image]. (2006). Retrieved from caterpillars [Image]. (2011). Retrieved from worm life cycle [Image]. (2010). Retrieved from polar express book cover [Image]. (1985). Retrieved from, L. (1930). Woodcut for graphic novel [Image]. Retrieved from 11. Kim