The 7 New Wonders of The World

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Slides were created to go along with an informative speech I had to give at the University of West Chester. The slides have bulleted points but the information on them was clearly not all I had to say. For those interested in further information message my account. Thanks!

Text of The 7 New Wonders of The World

  • 1. The 7 New Wonders of the WorldPresented By: Paul TenEyck

2. The Americas 3. The Chichen Itza Pyramid-Mexico 4. One of the most frequently visited Mexican sites 5. Machu Picchu-Peru 6. Contains: Temples, Tombs, Sanctuaries, fountainsand massive sets of stairs 7. Christ The Redeemer-Brazil 8. Has Special Religious significance to peoplearound the world 9. Southern Asia 10. The Great Wall of China 11. Built nearly 2,600 years ago and served asprotection from foreign invaders 12. Taj Mahal-India 13. Contains Some of the Finest Interior andExterior decor 14. The Colosseum- Rome 15. Colosseum was used for gladiatorial contestsand other public spectacles 16. Petra-Jordan 17. Hosts nearly 1000 visitors a day & is on BBCs 40places you must see list