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  • 1.Technique Shania Carter

2. Here I have the original photograph which I am about to Photoshop. I have used the photograph as a background image, making it easier to create new layers. 3. To insert another image I have to create a new layer, the new layer is like a foundation of building up a final image. 4. Now I have to place the other image on top of the original so that I can start editing the photograph. 5. I have now added the other image to the photograph before I can begin editing. The photograph has been taken at the same place as the original and therefore makes it easier when changing opacity levels e.g. 6. Once the image has been placed I can now begin to concentrate on editing both photographs. I have started off by changing the opacity levels as shown here the opacity levels are at 63% meaning that the second image is visible in the first. As you can now see this is part of the finished image just by changing the opacity levels, there are two basic techniques combined in one movement and close up this can be further developed when looking at other editing options. 7. I have now changed the levels of the image which has made some parts of the photograph clearer than others. The movement element in the image has been made lighter but is still a pivotal part of the image. I also tried the photograph in black and white, however it didnt give enough effect to the photograph. 8. I am now going to use the technique of an Iris Blur in which part of the photograph will be blurred, in the position that I want. After using Iris Blur, this is the end result. I am pleased with the way the technique has worked after editing as I think it portrays my theme of fear in a good way 9. For the final part of editing my photograph I decided to give the image an interesting twist. I have added dissolve to the photograph which creates an interesting curve with all the elements combined together.