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Talking to Audiences About Art Rhana Devenport, Auckland Art Gallery Rhana Devenport, Director of Auckland Art Gallery will share some of the art world's latest attempts to talk to audiences about art, from the groundbreaking approach of MONA in Tasmania to Alain de Botton's belief that art offers us powerful solutions to our everyday personal problems, demonstrating its relevance in understandable ways to the widest possible audience. What does this mean for the role of the 'expert', the kind of interpretation we choose to offer and the visitor experiences we design?


<ul><li> 1. RHANA DEVENPORT TALKING WITH AUDIENCES ABOUT ART the big conversation: 26 June 2014 </li></ul> <p> 2. The Outreach Programme works with diverse Auckland communities to connect people to art and the Gallery. Outreach programmes ensure that we can take exciting art experiences offsite, especially if it is difficult for groups to come to us. 3. The Outreach team works closely with community and school partners to create meaningful arts experiences. Each programme is unique in order to reflect the interests of participants and develop in consultation with communities. 4. Outreach organisations we work with include: Safari Mums, a group of refugee and migrant women Waiheke Adult Literacy groups Bilingual early childhood centres and playgroups TYLA (Turn your life around) youth work programme Sir Edmund Hilary Collegiate Middle School 5. Art Connections As part of onsite community access programming, the Gallery and Alzheimers Auckland Charitable Trust present workshops that focus on building connections through art. 6. Programme Aim To create a welcoming space, provide a forum for dialogue and an expressive outlet through art. Whilst we want to take care of them, they are coming for some intellectual stimulation as well as enjoyable interaction Alzheimers Auckland Group Coordinator Audience People with Alzheimers disease living in their own homes, their caregivers and staff from Alzheimers Auckland. 7. Art Connections: Programme foundations: Strong working relationship with Alzheimers Auckland staff, learning from one another and sharing resources. Research around existing programmes and literature to build Gallery capacity and strong delivery practice (e.g. Meet me at MoMA) Ongoing reflection and dialogue with participants to ensure the programme connects to their interests. 8. Their [the Auckland Art Gallery teams] warm welcome to our clients and carers has enabled new friendships to form, old friendships to be honoured, and their accessibility has led clients to report I feel so safe here, no one judges us I just feel better when I come to this group. Group Coordinator, Alzheimers Auckland 9. What is The O? We don't have labels on the wall. We have the O. Use it to read about the art on display and to listen to interviews with the artists. It's free. Get one from the information desk as you enter the museum and return it as you leave. The O delivers information in a way that enhances the visitor's experience of the gallery, facilitating access to engaging multimedia via a highly usable interface. It is the first system in the world designed to replace traditional artwork wall labels. Why should I save my O tour? Saving your tour while at Mona enables you to see your entire path through the museum including a list of viewed, loved, and hated works. You can read all available interpretive material, share artworks with friends via Facebook and Twitter, change ratings and more... </p>


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