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  1. 1. +Photography- Assignment 3Street Photography
  2. 2. +Street Photography Street Photography captures people and places. It captures photographs in the moment.(non staged) The photographs represent relationships between people andtheir surroundings. Photos are taken in public areas although the photos do notneed to include people. There is no prior arrangement, photos are taken unplanned andun-staged.What is Street Photography
  3. 3. +Street PhotographyDos Follow your instincts. Be respectful. Judge your surroundings. Take photos quickly, do not miss themoment.Dos & DontsDonts Take photos of children withoutparents consent. Cause any racial/sexist tension withphotographs taken. Shoot the homeless (they are justeasy targets) Stalk those who you wish tophotograph. Act suspicious.
  4. 4. +Street PhotographyNick Turpin is a street photographer with a bright colourful style of street photography. It ismore uplifting than most street photographers work, which is why I like it. I found whenresearching most street photographers work was colourless and boring.Nick Turpin photographs interesting areas of the streets for example busy London or NY aswell as quiet park areas.Street Photographer-Nick TurpinHe uses techniques such as matching colours wherecertain focuss in the image have the same colour (bus andphone). He makes the most of the moment taking effectiveshots (2 cyclists passing each other makes it look liketheyre together)
  5. 5. +Street PhotographyMy own Shots
  6. 6. +About it- I took this photograph in London incorporating a sign post with the iconicbackdrop of one of the biggest UK attractions, the London Eye.I manipulated the photo using photoshop. The photo was cropped and the brightnessadjusted.
  7. 7. +About it- I deliberately took this photo with the light behind Big Ben. This helped to createa silhouette effect with the sun giving good balance in the photograph. This photo has notbeen edited and was taken on my phone.
  8. 8. +About it- I took this photograph in Carnaby Street. The photo is well balanced putting mainfocus on the Carnaby Street sign using the rule of thirds to balance the photo. I then adjustedthe hue/saturation on Photoshop.
  9. 9. +About it- This Photo was also taken in London. This photo is effective because of thereflections in the glass. I used photoshop to blur out the reflections to keep the focus in thecentre of the photo. I also adjusted the vibrance.
  10. 10. +About it- This photo demonstrates rule of thirds by making the street sign the main focusof the photograph and the sky background helps to balance the photograph.
  11. 11. +About it- This photo also contains back light. It creates a silhouette effect and helps tomake the photo dynamic.
  12. 12. +About it- I found the original photograph fairly dull and boring to I manipulated it usingphotoshop by changing the threshold and filling in with relevant colours.
  13. 13. +About it- Although this photograph is staged, the background of the photo makes aninteresting street photograph with the bikes leading in a trail behind. So in this case the focalpoint of the photo is not the only interest of the photo.
  14. 14. +About it- I took this photograph in Naples. It was taken in solfatara which didnt smell toofresh. This photo has comical effects and has lots of space used.