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Smart phone photography - Using Flash

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Smart Phone Photography

Smart Phone PhotographyI am Chaitanya, a Professional Photographer and the founder of

Lets talk about Flash today.

Flash Modes

There are three modes of Flash on a smart phone. Lets see what each of the modes does.The Camera Decides weather to use the flash or not.Flash is forced on.Flash is forced off.

When to use FlashIn the next few slide, we will look at various lighting situations where Flash can be used and how it effect the picture.

Not Enough LightSimple.... Right?When there is not enough light, use Flash.

And how do you know if there is not enough light for the camera? The picture you click is dark and does not show enough detail of what you are taking a picture of.

The Next slide shows a sample of the same picture clicked with and without flash.

Without FlashWith flash

As you can see above, adding a little light from your flash can drastically improve the picture

Out Door

When you are taking pictures outdoor, it is a brilliant idea to turn on the flash. Light from the sun or other sources can create harsh shadows. Using a flash can fill in the dark shadows and make your pictures look pretty.

More Tips Coming SoonIn the next few sessions, we will look at more aspects of mobile phone photography and other basics of photography that you can use to improve the pictures you click with your mobile phone.

I plan on sharing many small tips that are simple to understand and will create a major difference in the pictures you take with your smart phone.

For any questions you may have about smart phone photography, training programs or a photography assignment, Please visit and write to me. I will respond at the earliest.