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1. Shutter Speed - WaterJosh Sampson 2. Shutter SpeedShutter Speed is the measurement of how long the cameras shutter stays openfor to let light though to the sensor. It is usually measured in seconds or fractions.If you want to obtain the best results you can get, then you should place yourcamera on a tripod so that you can use as long exposure as you like. Movingobjects will blur, while static objects will remain sharp, with the extent of the blurcontrolled by the length of the shutter speed in use. A long enough exposure timemay even result in fast moving objects seeming like they are completely invisible.Prior to taking my photographs, I experimented with different variables such asdifferent coloured backgrounds and water taps so that I knew I would achieve thebest images I could. I concluded after a while that I would use a dark colouredbackground, (a black ring binder), and a garden hose pipe which was placed on thesetting of shower, to ensure I would be able to see each water droplet falling. Eachof my pictures were on an: F-stop of 10 Auto ISOThis shows you how I took each one ofmy photographs and shows what theylooked like before each one of them wascropped.I used a blackfolder as mybackdrop sothat the waterwas clearlyvisible. 3. A Shutter Speed of 1/1000 and an ISO of 6400This image is when my cameras shutter was open for the leastamount of time, therefore is my clearest image. 4. A Shutter Speed of 1/800 and an ISO of 5000 5. A Shutter Speed of 1/400 and an ISO of 2500 6. A Shutter Speed of 1/250 and an ISO of 2000 7. A Shutter Speed of 1/100 and an ISO of 800 8. A Shutter Speed of 1/10 and an ISO of 100This image is when my cameras shutter was open for the mostamount of time, therefore is my blurriest image.