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  • 1. Slow Shutter Photography How To

2. What Is It? Using slow shutterspeed photographycan be a totallydifferent phenomenonif you get it right. Youcan use it to inspireothers, or to capturelight painting, or maybe some smoothwater effects, or it canbe anything else. 3. Slow Shutter Speed Long exposure times can create lighting that seems to take on an otherworldly almost physical form, or reveal mysterious effects of natural light that are invisible to the naked eye. 4. What Youll Need An Expensive Camera Preferably a tripod (Also expensive) A Light Source Thats it! 5. Setting Up CampFirstly, you have toset up your camerain a stable areawhere it canremain still, this isvital! If yourcamera cant stayperfectly still, it willruin the image.This is because ofthe slow shutterspeed causingmotion blur. 6. What to Set the Shutter Speed OnShutter speeds between10 seconds and 20seconds I found to workgreat! With the aperturearound the middle suchas f/8 or so 7. Experiment!Now that youknow thebasics, all thatsleft to do is toget out there andshoot! Thats realeasy to donowadays, especially since werein the digital age. 8. ConclusionIn reality, slow shutterspeed looks like a hardthing to do, but all youneed is theequipment, and toknow the basics of yourshutter speed andaperture. So its fairlyeasy to do!