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Shutter Speed concepts

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  • 1. Shutter Speed Concepts

2. Edward Muybridge 3. Etienne Jules Marey 4. Gregory Crewdson - Twilight 5. Joel Meyerwitz 6. Tim Parchikov 7. Annie LeibovitzOne of todays most influential and admired artists, renowned for her vivid and distinctive style, Annie Leibovitz is an American original and a master of self-promotion. Her portraits of Bruce Springsteen, JodyFoster, Michael Jackson, Miles Davis, Greg Louganis, Mikhail Baryshnikov, John Lennon and more combine a keen eye with a quick wit. 8. Sam Taylor Wood 9. Sam Taylor Wood 10. Sam Taylor Wood 11. Massimo Cristaldi- Insulae (Negotiating Barriers) 12. Massimo Cristaldi- Insulae (Negotiating Barriers) 13. The Braggaglia Brothers 14. Harold EdgertonHe tried to produce a perfect coronetfrom a single drop of milk fallinginto liquid. To do this he inventedthe stroboscope - a device toproduce short bursts of light. This allowed him to take split- second pictures of objects in motion which could not be seen by the human eyeSome of his photographs had anexposure time of less than1/10,000 of a second. 15. eadweard muybridge 16. Jonathan Shaw 17. Howard SchatzUnderwaterseriesAthlete bookwww.howard 18. Bill Brandt A Night inLondonencompassedsocial eventsand strata, withstaged sceneswherenecessary. 19. Fay Godwin 20. Fay Godwin 21. Joe Cornish 22. Joe Cornish 23. Scott Bourne 24. Rut Blees Luxemburg 25. Philip Lorca di Corcia