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  1. 1. Self Portrait Nyle Amin
  2. 2. My Photographers: Eugenia Loli The artist I will focus most of my work on is Eugenia Loli Loli creates modern vintage collages wit meanings behind them which she does by setting them on a narrative scene as if there was something more to the picture than thats presented She describes some of her work to be witty or sarcastic and others horrific with a sense of danger or urgency where as the rest are chill She makes her collages by finding an image to base he collages on and then builds upon it. sometimes she doesnt have a concrete idea of what her final image is going to looks like. After a lot of juxtaposing, sometimes the base image might not even be part of the final composition
  3. 3. My Photographers: Christopher Bucklow My work will be will also be influenced by Christopher Bucklow Bucklow is a cameraless photographer In his series Guests, he creates one-off, life-size portraits using a pinhole camera
  4. 4. My Background I wanted my backgrounds to be personal to me My parents are both from Asia: my mother from Malaysia and my father from India I also visit Greece and Ghana on holidays and hold special memories for me and my family DSC_0042.jpg Taj_Mahal_in_India.jpg santorini-coastline-greece-tours.jpg Tropical_Luxury_Resort,_Coast_of_Ghana.jpg
  5. 5. My Portrait I tried to emulate both Lolis and Bucklows work into my portrait I based this on:
  6. 6. To do so, I found a picture of a of a galaxy on Google and used it as a background on Photoshop On top on this, I layered a picture of myself I had taken earlier and used the magnetic lasso tool to select my face When I had marching ants, I deleted the selected area of the layer to reveal the galaxy underneath I then selected both the background and the layer and used the magnetic lasso tool to select my whole body and the, with the move tool, I dragged the image onto my backgrounds
  7. 7. Portrait Contact Sheet 2.psd MILKYWAY_1.JPG.580x435_q85.psd IMG_1252.psd s.psd IMG_1247.JPG IMG_1252.JPG IMG_1251.JPG IMG_1253.JPG
  8. 8. My Foreground In the foreground of my images, I wanted people looking at me similar to how Eugenia Loli had in her collages I used celebrities I look up to or have grown up with well as photographing friends interacting with the image
  9. 9. The images I used for my foreground are celebrities I have grown up with. I have also used my friends in the foreground
  10. 10. Composition Contact Sheet 1.jpg 3.psd 3.jpg 4.jpg
  11. 11. The Compositions I Didnt Like
  12. 12. My Final Piece: 1 I have chosen this composition becauseit is the most similar to Loli's work. This is because I have started with a base image and have incorporated other images to create some sort of story. The figure seems to be coming out of the water and the figures in the foreground seem to be looking at it. Also, in the background I have the taj mahal as if it is in the distance although the base image is of Malaysia. I think this is a good self portrait because it includes very personal subjects as well of convey my Asian background.
  13. 13. My Final Piece: 2 I chose this composition because, in my opinion, the figures in the foreground on this composition work well with the base picture. I also think that the portrait is similar to Lolis work