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Sarah Stone Sarah Stone Neo-Folk Art Neo-Folk Art www.Sarah-Stone-Art.com sales~commissions~murals~design sales~commissions~murals~design

Sarah Stone Current Neo Folk Art Paintings

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Sarah Stone, Los Angeles' foremost Neo Folk Art painter shares some of her most recent paintings in this slideshare. Sarah's work has appeared in film productions including Transcendence, Thanks for Sharing, and Criminal Minds; Several magazines including: Man of the World, New Graffiti, Naming Ceremony and Pomona Art Review, and many art galleries around the country.

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Sarah StoneSarah Stone Neo-Folk ArtNeo-Folk Art www.Sarah-Stone-Art.comwww.Sarah-Stone-Art.com sales~commissions~murals~designsales~commissions~murals~design Deer Dancer Carrion Eater Even a City Bird Can Own the Sky Coyote and Hare Old Man at the Crossroads Tarot 1: The Magician Milagros Animal Dreams Jackalope The Dog who tried to Catch the Moon Anomalous Eggs The Canyons Balance of Time Koshare Freyja Maiden and Unicorn Connections Barn Owl Starling Sorcerer Tarot 0 : Fool Spiral Contact: www.sarah-stone-art.com www.facebook.com/Sarah.Stone.Artist Sarah StoneSarah Stone Neo Folk ArtNeo Folk Art