Salon Art: Fantastic Salon Wall Vinyl Ideas

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1. Salon Art: Fantastic Salon Wall Vinyl Ideas #LetsGrow 2. What do you think of this sexy salon wall art? 3. Maybe a little more Ooh La La could be a nice addition to your salon. 4. Its also a great chance to send a little message to your clients! :-) 5. Heres the perfect wall art to show off your fabulous Mani-Pedis! 6. You could even put these vinyls on windows as well (in case the view isnt the best) 7. Add a little more flair to your mirrors with this cool wall art! 8. Love this one! Simple, elegant, yet straight to the point! 9. Perhaps the subtle approach would work best? 10. Or go big and really grab your clients attention! 11. Feeling flirty? Well, this is the one to go for! 12. What a great way to twist how we see certain things! 13. Or just accentuate the everyday aspects of your salon and give them a touch of beauty... 14. Fan of Alice In Wonderland? Then you might like this Mad Hatter wall art. 15. Transform your bare wall into a colourful paradise! 16. It doesnt even matter what colour your walls actually are! 17. This tropical flower design is very fetching as well! 18. Okay, this one is pretty amazing, right? 19. Heres a cool one for all those Barbers out there looking to brighten up their walls. 20. Not looking for flash or flair? How about this minimalist approach? 21. Heres a nice one for both salons and spas 22. This one looks like it belongs on an album cover, right? 23. Heres a sweet little message you can send to your clients 24. Or go a little more sophisticated with this chandelier design. 25. Get Your Free Salon Software Demo Today UK: 0207 100 9290 USA: (973) 857-6565 IRE: 01 874 7800