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We at INOX understand the need and desire to personalise this space to the finest detail. Our contemporary kitchen interiors create a comfortable atmosphere with attention to both form and function. Utility valued, structured interiors. The functionality of a kitchen is particularly evident in the hidden details. Easy accessibility and thoughtful designs redefines kitchen space and its utility. Whether cutlery, dishes or provisions: everything is clearly organised and instant to hand.

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2. ROLLING EASY ROLL MODULAR DOORRolling Shutter at officeRolling Shutter for Children WorkstationRolling Shutter for BathroomRolling Shutter in the WardrobeRolling Shutter for Crockery StorageRolling Shutter for Garage167 3. ROLLING SHUTTERS Part of Home. WorldwideEASY ROLL MODULAR DOOR Simple mounting and removal of tambour door modules. Simple replacement of complete tambour door components or individual accessories (handle profiles, attachment profiles, plinths, etc.). Utilisation of identical components for different cabinet heights. Sealed cabinet construction no open tambour door guides (protected against dust and dirt). Large storage space the full cabinet depth is retained. Uniform cabinet look and construction when using plastic and metal tambour doors. Tested technology: The tambour door system mechanics are LGA-tested and certified (50,000 cycles). Carcass widths up to 1200 mm / carcass heights up to 2300 mm. Various tambour door surfaces available. Compact module transport units. Simple DIY assembly as complicated milling/drilling is not required Ready-fitted in just three simple steps168 4. ROLLING EASY ROLL MODULAR DOORStep 1Step 2Step 3High quality German product with elegant look that is how the new Rolling Shutter presents itself, impressively meeting the highest requirements for modern design. Whether in the office, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom or living room discover the numerous furniture application possibilities that our tambour door elements open up. Elegant materials and surfaces, combined with German Quality mechanisms - Easy Roll Rolling Shutters. With INOX Roller shutters everything is possible! We can develop solutions for individual special design that fit in every detail. The system is mounted in just three working steps and is very simple and easy to install. As given in the picture below:Surface & Colors The elegant surface with different colors, Stainless Steel, acrylic, Wooden and Aluminum effect provides the perfect finish.Aluminium FinishStainless Steel FinishAcrylic FinishWood Finish169 5. ROLLING SHUTTERS Part of Home. WorldwideEASY ROLL MODULAR DOORAluminium Rolling ShutterK2.08.200 K2.08.201 K2.08.202450mm 450x1320mm 600mm 600x1320mm 900mm 900x1320mmCorner Rolling ShutterK2.08.203450mm 447x1320mm170 *Customized sizes can be ordered on request 6. ROLLING EASY ROLL MODULAR DOORSS Rolling ShutterK2.08.301 K2.08.302600mm 600x1320mm 900mm 900x1320mmReal Alu. Rolling ShutterK2.08.301 K2.08.302600mm 600x1320mm 900mm 900x1320mm*Customized sizes can be ordered on request171 7. ROLLING SHUTTERS Part of Home. WorldwideS/S HairlineEASY ROLL MODULAR DOORAlu. HairlineAlu. AnodizedElectronic Rolling ShutterK2.08.401 K2.08.402 K2.08.403600mm 600x1320mm 900mm 900x1320mm 1200mm 1200x1320mmThe High Quality motor used in the Electronic rolling shutter is CE, TUV & GS Certified172 *Customized sizes can be ordered on request 8. ROLLING SHUTTERSEASY ROLL MODULAR DOOR www.inoxdecor.comGlass Rolling Shutter K2.12.301 K2.12.302600mm 600x1320mm White 900mm 900x1320mm WhiteGlass Rolling ShutterK2.12.201 K2.12.202600mm 600x1320mm Black 900mm 900x1320mm Black173 9. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENS Part of Home. WorldwideCOMPLETE KITCHENNO FINGER MARKDoors / Cabinets / Backsplash / Countertops174 10. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENS S/S DOORSwww.inoxdecor.com175 11. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENS Part of Home. WorldwideS/S DOORSSS Doors (Honey Comb Technology) Grade : 304Without Handle Build in Handle With Dimensions K14.01.101 K14.01.201 K14.01.401 K14.01.402 K14.01.403 K14.01.404 K14.01.501 K14.01.502 K14.01.503 K14.01.504 K14.01.801 K14.01.802176K14.02.101 K14.02.201 K14.02.401 K14.02.402 K14.02.403 K14.02.404 K14.02.501 K14.02.502 K14.02.503 K14.02.504 K14.02.801 K14.02.802148x718mm 298x718mm 448x178mm 448x358mm 448x538mm 448x718mm 598x178mm 598x358mm 598x538mm 598x718mm 898x178mm 898x358mm 12. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENS S/S CABINETSwww.inoxdecor.comNO Finger Mark SS CARCASE UNIT (Welding Free) Base Carcase Unit k16.01.201 k16.01.301 k16.01.401 k16.01.601 k16.01.901 k16.01.1051200mm 300mm 450mm 600mm 900mm 1050mmW200xH720xD560mm W300xH720xD560mm W450xH720xD560mm W600xH720xD560mm W900xH720xD560mm W1050xH720xD560mm(corner)Overhead Carcase Unit k16.02.401 450mm k16.02.601 600mm k16.02.901 900mm177 13. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENS Part of Home. WorldwideS/S COUNTER TOPSNO Finger Mark SS Counter Top (Welding Free) Thickness Height : 37mm,55mm * Customized Sizes are Available on Request178 14. STAINLESS STEEL KITCHENSS/S BACKSPLASH www.inoxdecor.comNo Finger Mark SS Back Splash K15.01.201 K15.01.202 K15.01.101 K15.01.102 K15.01.103W900xH600mm W900xH1320mm W900xH1320mm W900xH1320mm W900xH1320mmBack Splash179