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1. Once we were given the codes and conventions of a Print Advert, wewere able to begin with our Newspaper advert. We were able to gain ideas and information for The relevant size on 2. We used AdobePhotoshop for ourprint advert 3. We used the Liverpool Skyline as the mainImage, to convey the topic of Scousers 4. As we were using Adobe Photoshop,We were able to add layers onto differentImages. This is exemplified here with theWelcome to Liverpool sign appearingIn the River Mersey 5. I then added theslogan we as a groupCame up with, toFollow the conventionsOf a Print Advert andTo show the humorous toneOf the programme 6. Details of the Programme includedUnderneath the slogan 7. The logo of where the programme will beShown, is prominent as expected in aNewspaper advert