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  • 1. Positive/ NegativeFlip Out!

2. Notan, the Japanese word for the interactionbetween dark and light. Creating a black andwhite collage out of a simple square, andlearning about positive and negative space. 3. "Notan" is the term used by the Japanese to express"light-dark" as an element of design. In the west weuse separate terms such as positive space and negativespace, dividing the idea of light-dark into separatecomponents. On paper it is easy to see that dark shapes cannot existwithout a surrounding area of white. White shapescannot exist without dark to define it. The twoelements are really one. This is an eastern concept ofyin-yang that each is what the other is not. 4. Assignment Start with an 8x9 piece of black paper Using an x-acto knife, or scissors if you are morecomfortable with them, begin cutting out shapesthat hinge to the original paper. As you cut each piece then you can re-cut into thepiece to create more interest and detail. It is much easier if all of your cut pieces hingetogether so nothing gets lost. You want there to be a balance between the blackpaper and the background neither shoulddominate You will glue it all carefully to 12x18 paper 5. Basic design examplesYours will be more complexCan you see where each piece was located onthe original paperCut pieces out and arrange on a larger piece ofwhite paper ALL PIECES MUST BE USED