Portrait – 1st Half of B&W Child Photo Competition 2016

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Text of Portrait – 1st Half of B&W Child Photo Competition 2016


Portrait 1nd Half of B&W Child Photo Competition 20161

1st PLACE The horse whisperer by Anna Ajtner, The Netherlands2

2ND PLACE Boyhood by Alicja Pietras, Poland3

3RD PLACE Looking out by Oriano Nicolau, Spain4

HONORABLE MENTION Untitled by Alicja Brodowicz, Poland5

HONORABLE MENTION Twins by Lisa Visser, UK6

HONORABLE MENTION Estrell-A by Ewa Cwikla, The Netherlands7

HONORABLE MENTION The apple time by Olga Ageeva, Russia8

HONORABLE MENTION Freckles by Angee Manns, USA9

HONORABLE MENTION Behind the glass by Natalia Kharitonova, Russia10

HONORABLE MENTION Isabella by Barbara Peacock, USA11

HONORABLE MENTION -Shy by Eva Habankova, Slovakia12

HONORABLE MENTION6 -The Daughter of A Grocery Owner by Feng Gao, China13

HONORABLE MENTION Tess by Suzette Luiken, The Netherlands14

HONORABLE MENTION Behind that door by Anna Moskalkova, Spain15

HONORABLE MENTION-Maria by Rui Caria, Portugal16

HONORABLE MENTION Statesman by Nicholas Fiennes, Australia17

HONORABLE MENTION A slither of light by Helen Whittle, Australia18

HONORABLE MENTION Hibiscus by Erika Masterson, USA19

HONORABLE MENTION Magnolia by Erika Masterson, USA20

HONORABLE MENTION Piper by Erika Masterson, USA21

HONORABLE MENTION- lgrimas by Oriano Nicolau, Spain22

HONORABLE MENTION Connections by Karolina Stus, New Zealand23

HONORABLE MENTION Cutting through by Rebecca Wang, USA24

HONORABLE MENTION Hidden by Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks, The Nether25

HONORABLE MENTION Poppy and Harry by Suzy Mitchell, UK26

NOMINEE A Still Moment by Pip Williams, Australia27

NOMINEE lollipop by Olga Pibars, Spain28

NOMINEE Carol by Mal Ferreras Castillo, Spain29

NOMINEE Grace by Barbara Peacock, USA30

NOMINEE Black friend by Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks, The Netherlands31

NOMINEE Lina by Suzette Luiken, The Netherlands32

NOMINEE Brothers by Rasa Razaniene, Lithiania33

NOMINEE An Indian Girl by Fusheng Liu, China34

NOMINEE Past by Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks, The Netherlands35

NOMINEE Two by Milou Krietemeijer-Dirks, The Netherlands36

NOMINEE The Girl Who Can See Everything by Krassimira Vassileva, Bulgaria37

NOMINEE Mek by Nicholas Fiennes, Australia38

NOMINEE The Girl by Kelly Tyack, Australia39

NOMINEE Agniya by Natalia Kharitonova, Russia40

NOMINEE She is by Samie Lee, UK41

NOMINEE Initiated boy from Northern Togo by Herma Darmstadt, The-Netherlands42

NOMINEE Innocence by Jennifer MacGregor, USA43

NOMINEE Daysleeper by Eva Habankova, Slovakia44

NOMINEE Skepticism by Johanne Lila Larsen, Denmark45

NOMINEE Light up by Tamryn Jones, UK46

NOMINEE Close Your Eyes by Jennifer Kapala, Canada47

NOMINEE Saskia by Julie Whelan, UK48

NOMINEE Chocolate by Charo Diez, Spain49

NOMINEE Happiness by Charo Diez, Spain50

NOMINEE Untitled by Olga Ageeva, Russia51

NOMINEE Nooo by Ewa Cwikla, The Netherlands52

NOMINEE No Mood by Oxana Guryanova, Germany53

NOMINEE The dreamer by Alicja Pietras, Poland54

NOMINEE Daydreamer by Rebecca Wang, USA55

NOMINEE Intensity by Helen Whittle, Australia56

NOMINEE Feel it by Helen Whittle, Australia57

NOMINEE Eight year old cowboy by Helen Whittle, Australia58

NOMINEE Difficult Age by Maria Prozorova, Russia59

NOMINEE Peacock by Erika Masterson, USA60

NOMINEE Emotions by Olga Lebedeva, Russia61

NOMINEE First Bath by Ashley Marston, CanadaAugust 4, 2016 Kaohsiung Taiwan R.O.C All photos were taken from Child photo competition.Sound : Taylor Swift - The Best DayTHE END62