Photography - Prep (AS Photography)

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Photography - Prep (AS Photography)

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  • 1. Personal Objects

2. Penn created modernist still life works ofmetal and found objects. Penn wasamong the first photographers to portraysubjects against a simple grey or whitebackdrop (a simple yet effectivetechnique). Penn accumulated objectshe would find which obsessed him. Thisincluded scraps of glass, bone, metal andeven human skulls.In the case of Cigarettes, Penn found hissubjects on the street brought themtogether and carefully created hiscompositions. The result being abeautiful symbolic piece of art 3. The Kertsz Polaroids, conversely, arealmost primal screams of emotion andsentimentif not at times,sentimentality. This has been thecritical attitude toward some of thiswork.In addition to this. Andre has a visionfor splendid and original quality offormal invention. There is in the workof Kertesz quality less easily analyzed,pieces of work.