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ART WOLFE:The son of commercial artists. From Seattle, Washington, Graduated form the University of Washington with a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts in 1975.

He is well known for his 5 decade long career as a wildlife photographer and most a contributor to the art and science of Photography. He has published and sold books world-wide, and ever since 1978, Wolfe has published one book each year in his career.

After publishing his first book: Indian Baskets of the Northwest Coast with Dr. Allan Lobb, a close friend and Mentor, he has soon found himself working, and shooting for well-known magazines, such as: National Geographic, Smithsonian, Audubon, GEO, and Terre Suavage.

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• "In Migrations, I embraced the technology that was available to me, and I took the art of the camera to its limits. This was not a moral issue. It was just that in the beginning, we were naive. We didn't use identification. That is the sole issue. Photography has never been an accurate recording of what is out there. For years photographers have manipulated images by using different lenses, filters, films and in the darkroom.“ –Art Wolfe

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THE CONTROVERSY• Ironically enough, it was Wolfe’s desire to innovate that turned out to be the reason that

made him both famous in the world of art and photography, and infamous, among his fellow photographic community.

• Wolfe’s book, ‘Migrations’, placed Wolfe in hot water among the photographic community. As Critiques called a foul on his book, saying that digital imaging had no place in a nature book.

• Others, such as Gary Braasch, chair of the North American Nature Photography Association, were steadfast: "Nature photography is one of the last bastions of pictures most people accept as real. Those who lie about the reality of their photos are taking advantage of everyone else and undercutting the basis of all our success.“

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STYLE AND SUBJECT MATTER• Most of Wolfe’s subject matters would be, of

course wildlife.

• His style however, is unique in a way that he not only composes his photographs on a personal level with his subject, but rather, he also ensures that the audience learns something about the subject of the photo.

• Wolfe’s style hasn’t as much changed, though, he has embraced the innovation of photo alteration, starting from his controversial book: ‘Migrations’, then further explored the world of digital imaging.

(Photos Taken from his work: ‘Bears and Wolves’)

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• Throughout the decades of his career, Wolfe has worked around the world. His photos interpret and record the fast disappearing wild-life, landscapes, and native cultures in the world. Through this, he inspires more the people, whom, like him, try and preserve these wonderful creations

• Wolfe spends nearly nine months a year traveling, carefully researching the locations as well as pre-visualizing the photographs he wants to take. He is an Honorary Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society and a Fellow of the International League of Conservation Photographers. He donates performances and work to environmental and educational groups every year; his lecture series is also in demand for corporate conventions and trade shows. Wolfe maintains his gallery, stock agency, and production company in the Pioneer Square neighbourhood of Seattle.

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• Wolfe currently has a show called: "Art Wolfe's Travels to the Edge," an intimate and upbeat series that offers unique insights on nature, culture, and the new realm of digital photography.

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TECHNIQUES• Alike many other famous photographers, Art Wolfe uses various techniques for his works

making them unique.

• His Works mostly are recognized throughout the world for their mastery of colour, composition and perspective. Wolfe's photographic mission is multi-faceted: art, wildlife advocacy, journalism inform his work. Wolfe has released over sixty books, including the award-winning Vanishing Act and Edge of the Earth Corner of the Sky.

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