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Project for Internet for Educators

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  • 1. My Days With Mike An Internet For Educators StoryBy Katelyn Deremiens

2. Those First Days 3. About Me Page & Blogging 4. Google + Community of Educators And a Great Way to Keep in Touch! 5. RSS FEEDS or just my blog reading list 6. Mix up your usual classroom routine with a little bit of podcastingPOD-CAST! 7. Digital Citizenship: Drawing the line between Personal and ProfessionalPersonal Twitter AccountProfessional Twitter Account 8. Chatting Online vs Video Chatting OnlineWho you appear to be chatting online with (a person who cares about their hygiene) Who you really are chatting with 9. Maple Forem for MB Educators 10. Using Video in the Classroom 11. Thanks to Sofia Palahicky for introducing us to the wonderful world of webbased learning!Web-Based Courses 12. With a firm hand and a kind heart