Museum Quality Hand Painted Ceiling Murals

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  1. 1. The Skys the Limit and Oil Paintings are not Just Limited to Walls.Designing is now being taken to new heights and the skys the limit. If you have seen some of the newer Model Homes, you will now notice that when you walk-in, you will not just be looking straight ahead, but you will also be looking up to check out the ceilings.It is not the popcorn ceiling that you will now be attracted to, but ceilings that look as beautiful as the Sistine Chapel.The Painted Ceiling is actually a Mural on Canvas. The Murals are hand-painted oil on canvas that are painted at our studios and then are installed at the location of the ceiling.For larger ceilings, these murals allow our artists to accurately reproduce larger scaled artwork on actual canvas, which when installed onto ceilings provide a very realistic look. The paintings are large in scale, but since the artists work very closely with the original Old Masters paintings, the finished paintings are intricate in detail.The Ceiling paintings can be one large painting or they can be comprised of smaller panels. The paintings can be 81 x 144 and for larger paintings that exceed 81 or 144, the canvas can be professionally seamed.There are many advantages of using Ceiling Painting murals instead of having artists paint directly onto ceilings: Less expensive to have our artist paint on canvas than if the artist painted directly on to the Ceiling. Convenient for our artist to paint artwork in our studio vs. Painting on-site. Easy and safe to relocate the Mural because the canvas can be taken off the wall and relocated if the homeowner moves.Eye-catching and appealing Murals on Canvas are being used in many Multi-million dollar homes, but the beauty of the paintings is that they are also affordable, not just by the Rich and Famous, but by others that are working within a budget.Ceiling paintings are being installed on 8 foot ceilings as well as 20+ feet and higher ceilings.The Ceiling Paintings on Canvas add to the character of the house and also add that personal touch too. Your clients will not feel bad if they have to move again, because at least they can take their paintings with them.Follow us on Google Plus - - -