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Madhubani painting

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  • 1. Madhubani PaintingLecture Session byJaikumar Ranganathan,Industrial DesignerAsst.Professor,MAMSA

2. IntroductionMadhubani is a folk painting done by hands, twigs pen nibs and matchsticks with naturalcolors and dyes. This art has its roots in the Mithila region, hence it is also known asMithila art. Traditionally done by women in the villages of Bihar, the designs andaesthetics of Madhubani paintings have long been an inspiration for many fabric designs.It is believed that this art form was originated during the times of Ramayana when RajaJanak, father of Sita called artists to capture the wedding of Lord Ram and Sita in theform of Madhubani paintings. 3. Origin and LegacyMadhubani carries a rich culturallegacy. Mithila being the birth placeof queen Sita, the extraordinarytales of Madhubani art find itsancient ties in the mythical loreofRamayana, with frequentdepictions of her life stories. Onecan easily identify this rich craftbecause of its characteristiccolorful geometric designs,Madhubani designs essentiallydepict scenes of royal courtyard,and Indian weddings, marriages andsymbols of fertility and prosperitywith dominance of motifs like fish,parrot, elephant, turtle, sun, moon,bamboo tree, lotus, etc. 4. Traditionally done on walls of Residence by the women folks 5. Mirhila wall mural done on walls by women in Madhubani village 6. From the story of Sathyavan & Savitri 7. Yashoda maiya & Bal Krishna 8. Wedding of Rama & Sita 9. Ram,Sita & Laxman Vanvash 10. Radha Krishnu 11. Innovation 12. the vibrant colors, characteristicgeometric designs, and traditionalmotifs like fish, parrot, elephant,turtle, sun, moon, bamboo tree, lotus,always revive our fascination for thisvivid art that originates from the landof Mithila 13. Lets explore the richness ofMadhubani PaintingWith different line renderings& different natural elements fromNatureMadhuban- Flower garden with honey BeesBy Jaikumar Ranganathan,Industrial Designer

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