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How to use


<ul><li>1 Sign up for free Its free to sign up ! and download the app! </li><li>2 Capture the moment Take a picture! </li><li>Shoot a video! </li><li> Write letters or notes depicting the happy moments of life! </li><li>Save on your 3 Limetree Easily upload your photos ! and enrich them with a caption! </li><li>One Limetree for both parents and all the children! </li><li>4 Enjoy the happy moments Never lose your memories again! </li><li>Available every where! </li><li> Photos and videos in high resolution! </li><li> Automatically organized and safely stored! </li><li>5 Share with family and friends Show to grandparent, uncles and aunts how they are growing! </li><li>Send directly from the App! </li><li> And even to the social networks! </li><li>6 Export all the contents All contents on your Limetree are yours Download them every time you wish to! </li></ul>