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Photography Composition

Kevin Huynh9-06Mr. Johnston Photography CompositionRule of Thirds

Imagining that the image is divided into 9 equal quadrants. Each quadrant is made up of 2 vertical and horizontal lines.

Balancing Elements

Placing the main subject off the centre, but including a less important subject to fill the space.

Leading Lines

When looking into a photo our eyes are naturally drawn to any lines. This means we use composition of lines to our advantage.

Symmetry and Patterns

Symmetry and patterns are around us. We just need to use it to our advantage by adding tension or focal points.


The spot in which a photo is shot from. Which can give it different perspectives and make a photo seem abstract.


In a photo where the background does not distract from the main topic.


Where a photo is layered to create a more vast effect.


Natural frames the surround the main topic in the photo.


A photo where the unnecessary details are cut out to focus on the main topic.