Jewels for the groom it’s your moment too!! - indian wedding photography

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Text of Jewels for the groom it’s your moment too!! - indian wedding photography

  1. 1. JEWELS FOR THE GROOM- ITS YOUR MOMENT TOO!! - INDIAN WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY Every wedding is unique; every couple has their own chemistry. We watch the stories magnificent in their glory, unravelling in front of us and serenely capture the breath taking moments. We capture genuine emotions and spectacular points of view, pictures thatgobeyondbeingjustpretty,theyaremeaningful&priceless. This presentation is brought you by :
  2. 2. ENJOY THE MOST SPECIAL MOMENT AND STORE THESE MOMENTS IN AN ALBUM FOR YOUR LIFE AmourAffairsareexpertatCandidpre-weddingshoots,Candidweddingphotography,High-end weddingmovies,Exoticlocationshoots,Contemporary weddingphotography,Conceptualphotography,Destinationweddings,NRIWeddings,Maternity ShootandProposalPhotographingandFilming. This presentation is brought you by :
  4. 4. AMOUR AFFAIR PHOTOGRAPHY Taheris CreativeDirectorandLeadphotographer.Heisoneofthoserareandgiftedartists,whose solepassionandprofessionisphotography.Forhimtheworldisacanvasandcamera hisbrush throughwhichhepaintstrueemotions,personality,andintensityineachofhissubjects.Hestrongly believesthatoneshouldalwaysgivemoreandtakeless.Toenhancethisskillsandmastertheart preciselyhehastakenformaltraininginartandphotography,hehasrecentlybeenawardedInter- nationalCertificationinAdvancedPhotographyfromCavendishCollege,London.He hasbeenteaching invariousinstitutesandcolleges.Hehasarichexperienceofcapturingtheheart-meltingmomentsof numerouscouples.DocheckouttheTestimonial sectiontoknowmoreaboutTaher. This presentation is brought you by :
  5. 5. BEST CANDID PHOTOGRAPHY This presentation is brought you by : MostboysscrunchtheirnosewhenaskedtowearJewelsat theirwedding. Wonderwhatjewelscouldlookgoodona groom?? Weexactlyknowwhat!! Jewelsareusuallywornandgiftedtobridesandgivesthatextra dashtotheiroutfits.Nowonderthey alwaystakethelimelight ;pButhey!! Mendeservetobethecynosuretoo,they deserveto wearpreciousjewelstoo,theydeservetofeellikeakingtoo, they deserveallthehappiness too,itstheirmomenttooOK!! Thatsenough;p Ifyouareagroomtyingtheknotsoonandwhowantstolook justastrendy androyalasyournewwifeonyourweddingday orif youareabridetobewedandhassometimetosparefor planningforyourgroomandhislookthenthesefewtrendy styleswilldefinitely getyouinspired.
  6. 6. BEST OF AMOUR AFFAIR PHOTOGRAPHY Destination weddings, NRI Weddings, Maternity Shoot and Proposal Photographing and Filming. In a short span of 4 years we have evolved as a photography brand that treasures its signature style of fresh and compelling imagery for couples and their incredible families. This presentation is brought you by :
  7. 7. Contact Us.. OUR ADDRESS D-28, Choice Arcade, Dhole Patil road, Pune - 411 001. 020 3045 0052 +91-9921000052. This presentation is brought you by :
  8. 8. This presentation is brought you by : Thank-You