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So this is the new style that is accurate because school will be beginning in a little while. These Japanese school girls make there bland school uniforms look so modern and fashionable. If you have a school uniform you can add a scarf, a cute blazer, some funky tights, a really nice hair accessory, cute necklaces, nice earrings or fashionable bracelets. A good way to look absolutely perfect is add some really cute shoes. Flats and leggings always work out, maybe some pumps or even some stilletos, some uniforms even look cute with hot sneakers and we all know how comfortable sneakers can be. Now belts are a good accessory also and look good with a white button up school shirt. If you did not know hair is also a major part in the school uniform. If you have a more modern uniform try straightening your hair, if you have a really preppy uniform try some pig tails or curling your hair, a good way to look classy is maybe a bun or just a high pony tail.

School Uniforms in Anime and Manga: A DiscussionSeptember 19th, 2013

Chet: Today fellow otaku and fashion fanatic Blackrabbit is here with me for a little belated back-to-school special! Well be discussing a cornerstone of anime fashion: the school uniform. B-Rabbit, does your high school have uniforms?B-Rabbit: Yes. First-year students wear sweater vests, second-years wear either a dark blue or light blue dress shirt, third-years wear a blazer, and fourth-years wear ties, everything fashioned with the schools emblem. Did your school have uniforms?Chet: No, it didnt, so I think thats why I find myself so intrigued by them. How do you feel your uniform compares to those found in anime and manga? And, more importantly, are your uniforms cute?B-Rabbit: Unfortunately, my school uniform is uncomfortable, and its not cute by anyones standards!Chet: That must be really disappointing, especially considering how anime and manga tend to romanticize Japanese school uniforms.

Chet: Several different uniform styles are most often portrayed in Japanese media: the more traditional gakuran and seifuku, and their modern counterpart which consists of a blazer, sweater and/or vest paired with slacks or a skirt. Occasionally military uniforms are used when appropriate. Which of these is your favorite? Is there a specific anime or manga series you believe best features that type of uniform?B-Rabbit: To be honest, I really like the modern-day blazer form. As you said, seifuku and gakuran are traditional, but I like the smart and clean feel of the blazers. They have a high-class look thats really eye-catching.I think Clannad best portrays the blazer style:

B-Rabbit: Their winter and summer uniforms were amazingthey even made the rowdy Sunohara Youhei look more refined! The yellow blazer and navy pants were very modern, but they kept to tradition by adding a touch of sailor to the girls summer uniform with the blue jumper and red ribbon:

Chet: Im probably going to be shot for saying this, but Ive never seen Clannad before! Nonetheless, I find your selection very agreeable. I particularly like the girls uniforms, which one could argue are actually seifuku; the winter blazer is adorned with a middy collar, the turtleneck underneath as a clever addition, and that summer romper is ridiculously adorbs! Now I wish I were still in high school well, kind of. Haha!

Chet: Personally, my two favorite blazer uniforms both happen to feature some unique patterns:

Chet: This first one is the Saotome Academy uniform from Uta no Prince-sama: Maji Love 1000%. Its also happens to be extremely controversial, with most people either loving or hating it. Obviously, Im of the former opinion since I love mixing patterns. However, I think these wouldve been a lot better with smaller pinstripes. A golden rule for mixing patterns is to make sure the prints are of noticeably different sizes.B-Rabbit, what do you think about these uniforms? Are you of the consenting or dissenting group?B-Rabbit: I actually like the way they designed the uniforms for Saotome Academy, though I do agree with you about the print size. Nonetheless, mixing the stripes with plaid was really daring, and I adored it!The Saotome uniform actually reminds me of the Seika High School uniform from Kaichou wa Maid-sama. They also used plaid for the bottom but kept the tops solid. I like how they were able to mix red, yellow and bright green together without making it too hard on the eyes. This is why Seikas design is my second favorite.

Chet: Yes, the Seika uniforms are another prime example of a controversial uniform! I think the uniforms look cute on-screen, but despite the solid blazer, they probably wouldnt translate well into real life. The yellow plaid is already quite audacious, so throwing in bright green is flat-out pushing the boundaries. However, I love making Polyvore outfits that present a challenge, so this one is definitely on my to-make list!

Chet: For me, my second favorite blazer uniform is from Junketsu Drop, which also happens to be my favorite yaoi manga. I have weird love-hate relationship with this oneit looks hideous in color but seriously cute in monochrome:

Chet: I think these uniforms, with their ostentatious spin on the conventional, really match the main characters personality. Thats the nice thing about the modern school uniformwith countless acceptable colors and prints and numerous choices for the top (e.g., a blazer, sweater or vest, or even just some sort of shirt), one can get really creative.On the contrary, seifuku and garukan are much more limiting. Even so, its their distinctive yet traditional appearance that makes them so appealing.

Chet: Theres hardly much variation among garukan, but sailor uniforms offer a little more diversity. Do you have any favorites?B-Rabbit: My favorite sailor uniform is the one from Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu (The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya):

B-Rabbit: For some reason, this particular style of the seifuku really catches my eye! I think it might be the colors. Chet: Good choice! I also really like the uniforms colors. It has many other subtle features I also find appealing, such as the belt and the inverted pleats of the skirt.

Chet: While pleated skirts are indisputably a school uniform staple in anime and manga, there are actually many different types of pleated skirts:

Chet: On the other hand, gakuran are almost all the same style, varying mainly by color. The other main source of differentiation lies in the small details, such as fancy buttons or hemlines.B-Rabbit: Yeah, theyre pretty basic and usually only come in one color, like black or blue.

B-Rabbit: I particularly like Ashford Academys gakuran uniform in Code Geass:

B-Rabbit: Their take on the gakuran was very cool and modern. It really added to the elegant aura the school was trying to give off. I think the gold detailing was a nice touch. It was simple, but it worked.Chet: Nice choice! I definitely agree; I think they effectively portray the setting of Code Geass, where Japan (thus the gakuran) was conquered by the Holy Brittanian Empire (thus the Western-inspired embellishments).Some other gakuran worth noting are those rare white ones, which must be a complete nuisance to clean

Chet: One final question: If you could choose to attend any school in an anime or manga with the uniform as your sole deciding factor, which school would you choose?B-Rabbit: Man, this is a hard question! There are so many nice ones! But if I had to choose, Id want to go to the school in Inu x Boku SS:

B-Rabbit: Their uniforms are really cute and appealing to the eye! Although I dont know how good Id look in itChet: Im sure youd look smashing!