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1. Kristy Lai 2. My magazine surrounds the genre R&B and pop R&B stands for Rhythm and blues The genre is fairly mainstream, loved by mainly teenagers and young adults 3. Katy Perry song- peacock is about gay pride and individuality makes people more accepting towards the LGBT community Miley Cyrus Influencing how young girls act (Winships notion of complicity) 4. Pharrell Williams- Happy suggests human spirit/human equality/feminism (Gauntletts empowered female) 5. As my primary audience has an income bracket of B-C2, I would have to add elements which will attract my audience. To do so, I would be introducing to my audience to new world artists that are not as well known in UK. This reflects the classic design of my front cover 6. Taeyang is a South Korean male artist who is a part of the nations most popular band- Big Bang His soothing vocals and charming smile attracts fans from all around the world. Although his songs are not self composed, he often takes parts in his album production His songs usually surround the style of R&B, Pop, etc. I personally would recommend him to my peers as his voice is indeed one of the most spectacular and wonderful voices out there. 7. Sonia And Janice Lee are Youtube biggest sensation. Their clear and crisp vocals and beautiful looks stole the hearts of millions of people. The twins produce and create their own music, which encourages people to not give up and move on. With the use of their guitar, they create tunes which leave a great impression. They were offered a lot of enterainment related offers and chances to be singers, but the twins were happy with what they have and are happy that they can do what everything they want 8. R&B considered as mainstream audience is passive (Culmination/Hypodermic syringe) Songs with these messages are delivered towards audience audience blindly accepts it Affects on way of thinking towards different aspects 9. IPC- International Publishing Corporation They divided their target audiences into 3 groups Connect- mass market for woman Southbank - Upmarket woman Inspire- men 10. One of the worlds largest institutions They separated their audience into 3 categories good use of marketing Vertically integrated being able to generate more profit due to being able establish/run different kinds of related businesses Can take this institution as an example on how a company should run