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Tips To Click Group PhotosBy PreparedBy out the location of your shot before hand.Think ahead about how you will pose people and frame your shot.One of the groups head hiding behind another person.Make sure everyone you want in the shot knows you want them a few minutes ahead of time.Make your camera is on and has charged batteries.

LocationChoose the location wisely where there is enough light and there is no background distraction. 2By Multiple ShotsThe major problem while taking a group photo is that everyone is not just in the right position. To avoid this problem click multiple shots so that you have so many option to select the best one. Put your camera in a continuing shooting mode. Shoot some frames before everyone is ready. Take A Close ShotTry to get close as much as you can. The closer you can get, the more expression you can catch in their faces. If you have small group take some shoulder shot. Arrange the group as per their height in front and back.3By Your Shot WellPose the groupIn most cases your group will pose itself pretty naturally. But there are other things too :-If the event is like wedding or birthday make them the central focal point.Put taller people in center with shorter people at the edges of the group.Tell everyone to ask their chins a little up.Pick the moment for your shoot carefully.Always take a shoot in the start of the event because everyone is at their best. 4By About LightTo catch the expression you need a sufficient light. Use Flash if your group is small and close enough to the group.Take ControlKeep communicating with the group.Give them a reason to pose.Always repeat IF YOU CAN SEE THE CAMERA IT CAN SEE YOU.Always try to keep people relaxed.5By A Tripod Using a tripod gave you the advantage that you serious and help you to take their attention. It gives you more freedom. Get An AssistantIf you have a large group an assistant can help you a lot.Get an assistant from the family so that they can guide you.6By smile. Have fun and enjoy the moment and you will find that the group will too.Quick TipGet a little creative. It will add more fun to the shot.We are UK based online digital camera store offering latest camera at compatible price. To know more about us and our camera price buster offers visit us at: -7