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    with WICS-MEFIB!The Mnemonic Key

    that Unlocks The Potential of your

    Digital Camera

    Paul Schatzkin

    /driver49 #artcampnoauto

  • Photoshop, ca. 1974

  • Dont look back, hes gaining on us!

  • A face only a mother could love

  • Its Tough JobBut somebody has to do it

  • A Startup before Startups Were Cool

  • What were you doing when YOU were 14 years old?

  • Only 10 New Episodes A Year?Absolute proof that THERE IS NO GOD.

  • Go ahead, Ask me,

    whats that book about?

    Its about 600 pages

  • As seen in The DaVinci Code







  • WICS-MEFIBSeriously?


  • Pet Peeve Whats wrong with this


  • Pet Peeve Corrected.

    Look like you know what you are doing

    (even if you dontyet.)

  • Hallelujah


  • White Balance ISO Camera Mode Shutter Mode Meter Mode Exposure Compensation Focus / Fill Flash Image Quality / Image Stabilization Bracketing

  • Different types of light have different

    color temperatures and color cast

    !White Balance adjusts

    for these variations.

    White Balance

  • White Balance

    Daylight Tungsten

  • White Balance


  • The Three VariablesEverything Is A Trade-Off

  • ISO Sets the sensitivity of the


    1 of 3 factors that determine exposure value (EV)

    Each x2 = 1 STOP

    Trade off between speed and detail/noise

  • Higher ISO = NOISE

  • Camera Mode Program Shutter-Preferred Aperture-Preffered Manual Forget the others

  • Camera Mode


  • Camera Mode



  • Shutter Speed Freezes or Blurs Motion

  • Shutter Speed Freezes or Blurs Motion

  • Camera Mode



  • The bigger the number the smaller the hole

    !go figger

  • ApertureDetermines Depth of Field

  • ApertureDetermines Depth of Field

  • Camera Mode


    (Forget the others)

  • Camera Mode

    Manual Look for the +/-

    button to switch btw

    shutter speed and


  • Shutter Mode

    Motor Drive - ca. 1976

  • Nikon

  • Canon

  • Meter Mode

    Matrix / Evaluative

    Center Weighted


  • Exposure Compensation

  • Focus Settings

    Auto Focus Or Manual ?

    Auto Single

    Auto Continuous

  • Fill Flash

  • Image Quality


    The Great Debate

  • Why Not Both?

  • Image Stabilization

    For Hand-Holding ONLY

  • Bracketing

  • HDRHigh Dynamic Range

  • Rosslyn In The Stars !May, 2013

  • White Balance: AUTO ISO: 200-400 Camera Mode: Shutter @ 1/125 Shutter Mode: Single Meter Mode: Martix (Evaluative) Exposure Compensation: +/- 0 Focus: AF-S / Fill Flash: On, -1 Stop Image Quality: RAW + JPEG Med/Norm

    Image Stabilization: Hand On, Tripod OFF Bracketing - OFF


  • Operating A Camera Is Easy

    Paul Schatzkin aka driver49


    It Just Takes a Lifetimeto Learn Photography