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  • 1. Richard AvedonModern PhotographyMcCall Budzius3BFamous Photographer Project
  • 2. Biography Richard Avedon was born on May 15, 1923 in New York City. Avedon was best known for his work inthe fashion world and for his minimalist, large-scale character-revealing portraits. In school Avedonstudied photography and later was hired as a staff photographer for a magazine of Harpers Bazaaras well as becoming married to a model named Dorcas Nowell but soon divorcing. A while afterAvedon was signed for the cover of the spring and fall fashion collections in Paris. He created manyof his photographers of fashions in black and white showcasing the latest fashions in real-lifesettings. After leaving Harpers Bazaar he worked as a photographer for Vogue. As well as in 1992Avedon became the first staff photographer in the history of The New Yorker. A few years laterAvedon passed away at 81 on October 1, 2004 in San Antonio, Texas while on an assignment for TheNew Yorker.
  • 3. His Work Avedon Fashion Cover with lenticular eye closed andeye open.
  • 4. His WorkBuster Keaton, Comedian,New York, September 19, 1952
  • 5. His WorkEarly Paris Fashion Portfolio:Renee, The New Look of Dior,Place de la Concorde.,Paris, August 1947
  • 6. His workDovima with Elephants Poster
  • 7. His workFront cover of the Womenin the Mirror Catalogue2005
  • 8. His WorkWomen in theMirror 2005Coat by Carmen
  • 9. His WorkElise Daniels, Turban byPaulette, Pre-Catelan,Paris, August, 1948
  • 10. Training In Photography Richard was very into fashion and photography. Also Poetry Attended DeWitt Clinton High School in New York City. Avedon and Baldwin served as co-editors of the schools prestigiousliterary magazine. Avedon then enrolled at Columbia University to study philosophy andpoetry. He dropped out after one year and served in the United States MerchantMarine during World War ll. His main duty was taking identificationportraits of sailors. He then left in 1944 and attended the New School for Social Research inNew York City to study photography under Alexey Brodovitch. Soon he was hired as a staff photographer and established as one of themost talented young fashion photography history.
  • 11. Career and Achievements Avedon became the first ever staff photographerfor the New Yorker in 1992, at 69 years old. He held this position till his death in 2004 Photography for Vogue Around 1950 Avedon won the HighestAchievement Medal of the Art Directors Club inNew York Known as the most influential photographer ofthe past 20 years. Also known as King of fashion photographers.
  • 12. Significant Contributions Richard Avedon was bested known for hisphotos to go beyond. They explore theidentity of society and reflect dreams anddesires. Contributed to the fashion world. Legendary photographer
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