Digital Photography Composition- Part I

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  • 1. Introduction toDigitalPhotographyCompositionPart I

2. Photographiccomposition isan expressionof yournatural senseof design. 3. Line Directional Thrust:Curved, Straight. Horizontal, Vertical, and DiagonalShape Naturalistic, Geometric. (the Golden Mean)Space / Size spatial Proportion or ScaleValue Light, Dark.(Arial Perspective)Color Hue, Chroma, and Value. ( The Color Wheel)Texture Rough, Smooth, Soft, Hard. 4. Unity Ties elements together.Harmony Within each element and as a whole.Rhythm Variety and Repetition, pattern.Contrast Alternation.Dominance Center of Interest, Focal Point 5. Simplicity Focal Point The Rule of Thirds Movement Pattern/Repetition Golden Mean Proportion Lines Balance Framing Mergers 6. Focal Point Movement Pattern/Repetition Proportion 7. Unclutter The Rule of Thirds Frame your view Get up close Look for stronglines and shapes 8. -selecting uncomplicated backgrounds- avoiding unrelated subjectsCrape myrtle burr 9. SpatialInterestEmpty Space 10. Biltmore Lion 11. Filling the framewill help simplifythe photograph 12. Notice narrow depth of field 13. Imogen Cunningham 14. -divided photo into thirds, placing thecenter of interest in intersections. 15. - static and less interesting (X) 16. - see the full shadow 17. Tahiti 18. University of Auckland, NZ 19. Auckland, NZ 20. London 21. Cades Cove 22. Parthenon 23. Never cut theHorizon in half.Divide sky or waterby thirds. 24. The Golden Mean produces aharmonic effect that isfound in nature as well as in awide variety of worksof art. Artists of various periods and cultures havefound that dimensionsdetermined by this formulaare aesthetically appealing. 25. Ansel Adams Andre Kertesz 26. Gt. Smoky Mountains 27. Brassai 28. Diagonal linesadd interest 29. * 30. - path for the eye to follow to the main subjectBlueberry Blossoms 31. Follow thediagonal lineto the subjectSpring fig leaves 32. A focal point at theend of a ally wayadds interest. 33. Pantheon, Rome 34. repetitive lines to draw viewers attention 35. London 36. Curved line moves the eyethrough the photograph 37. Lines can simplyadd interest andtexture to aphotograph. 38. - triangle adds strongvisual unity to thispicture 39. Triangleadds strong visualunity. 40. Continue to Composition Part IIC 2012 Julie Sikes-Speir 41. C 2012 Julie Sikes-Speir