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Cultural Imaginaries & Landscape photography

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Text of Cultural Imaginaries & Landscape photography

Landscape Photography

Cultural Imaginaries & Landscape Photography

Cultural ImaginariesS. Hall New Cultures for Old A Place in the World Culture systems of shared meanings which people who belong to the same community, group or nation use to help them interpret and make sense of the world.

Meanings are not intrinsic (fixed in) objects. We give them meaning by interpreting them through our own cultural frameworks.

Like Language, culture is a means of constructing meaning. Snow doesnt know its called snow We agree upon it.

Cultural ImaginariesS. Hall New Cultures for Old A Place in the World

National cultures are Imagined communities (Anderson, 1983)

Placing cultures. To unify communities. But this is imagined.

But we continue to think this way as nations for the sake of belonging and our identities.

Landscape PhotographyWhat is it? (Purist Sense)The branch of photography dealing with the representation of natural scenery.

A focus on the natural world.

Its subjects can be whatever is outside Although not botanical photography.

Styles RepresentationalThe most natural or realistic style of Landscape Photography.Lack of artificial components.Of course, framing, lighting and composition of the photograph remain important.

Styles ImpressionisticLandscape photography that gives an impression of a landscape as opposed to a true representation of one.It carries a vague sense of reality in the image of the landscape.

Examples: Morag Paterson & Ted Leeming

Styles AbstractDifficult to pinpoint a specific definitionUses components of the scenery as graphic components.Artificiality over realistic representations.

Examples: Paul Kenny

Cultural Imaginaries & Landscape Photography

Photographers can reflect their perspective on subjects through their photographs.

Photographers may look at a subject in a different way to another person. They can communicate a new message through the way they represent a landscape in an image

Esteban Pastorino Diaz

World Record Holder of The Longest Photographic Negative


Covering 32.8km in Beijing, China

Esteban Pastorino Diaz

Lauren Marsolier

Mishka Henner

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