BTEC Media - Unit 9 Photography Techniques - Camera Timeline Homework

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BTEC Media - Unit 9 Photography Techniques - Camera Timeline Homework

Text of BTEC Media - Unit 9 Photography Techniques - Camera Timeline Homework

  • 1. {Unit 9: PhotographyTechniquesCamera Timeline HomeLearningBy Rory Giddings

2. Task:Find examples for each event. Add images of: 1. The actual cameras 2. Examples of images taken using that camera.Take each event and date and add to a PowerPoint slide or Prezi.Deadline: Friday 19th September 2014 3. Date Event1727 The discovery that silver nitrate changesJohann Heinrich Schulz discovered that a substance calledsilver nitrate would change colour when exposed to light.This paved the way for the first pictures to be taken andprocessed.(Silver nitrates are a type of salt that is used as a light-sensitive type ofcoating for photographic films that consists of fine grains of silver, so thatwhen it is exposed to light they are enabled to adjust/change the colours.) 4. 1814The camera obscurer isdeveloped.Joseph Niepce developed thecamera obscurer and took thefirst photo with it. It wasn'tideal, though, because it took 8hours of light exposure tomake a picture, and thepicture faded with time. 5. 1837The Daguerreotype wasinventedLouis Daguerre invented anew way to take pictures. Itonly needed 30 minutes oflight exposure, and the imagedidn't fade with time. 6. 1841Making multiple copiespossibleWilliam Henry Talbotdeveloped the Calotypeprocess. This made it possibleto make multiple copies ofthe same picture. 7. 1851Taking pictures gets easier.With the new Collodionprocess, cameras onlyneeded a few seconds oflight exposure to make apicture. 8. 1871Film is made easier to handle:Up until this time pictures had tobe developed immediately afterbeing taken. Richard LeachMaddox invented the gelatine dryplate silver bromide process,which made it possible to take apicture and develop it later. 9. 1888The invention of the roll-filmcamera:George Eastman inventedthe first roll-film camera. 10. 1948The Polaroid camera is marketed:The Polaroid allowed people to takea photo and have it developedimmediately, right from the camera. 11. 1963Coloured film isintroducedPolaroid came out with thefirst coloured film. 12. 1974The first digital camera isdeveloped :The Sasson Company built thefirst digital camera. 13. 1980The first consumer camcorder isreleasedSony put out the first consumercamcorder, allowing people torecord their memories in real time. 14. 1984The first digital camera is marketedCanon put out the first digitalcamera for the public, which waslater improved by Pixar. 15. 1990The first camera phones: (1990's)The camera phone technology wasfirst used in Japan, but it quicklyspread around the world.Photos taken with a Nokia 7250i camera phone.One of the first camera phones to ever beinvented. The first camera phonepictured below was firstcreated in Japan. 16. 2001The Easy Share camera comes intoplayKodak put out their Easy Sharedigital camera, which made it easyto snap pictures and downloadthem to the computer.An image taken with the originalKodak Easy Share camera. It featuredvery low megapixels. 17. 2012Wireless cameras aredevelopedKodak put out cameras thatdidn't have to be connected to acomputer in order to downloadand share the pictures.The rusting wreck of a ferris wheel in the abandoned ghosttown of Pripyat, Chernobyl. This image was taken with a 2012Kodak M750 Wi-Fi camera.A 2012 KodakM750 Wi-Ficamera