Basic Information About Black And White Photography

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  2. 2. Basic Information About Black And White Photography Black and white photography is one of the most popular forms ofphotography used today.In recent years, many people havechosen to obtain their family and personal portraits in black andwhite and many photography studios have begun to offerphotographs in black and white as part of their regular photographpackages.
  3. 3. Especially With Nature Pictures Black and white photography allows the individual taking thepictures to make their photographs more unique and changes theentire look of the photograph, especially with nature pictures.
  4. 4. The Popularity Of Black And White PhotographyBlack and white photography is gaining in popularity around theworld because of the uniqueness of the images obtained.Manyprofessional photographers have begun to create theirphotographs in black and white because it sets their images apartfrom the crowd and helps people to see the world in an entirelydifferent way.
  5. 5. Black And White Photography Black and white photography is also used by a number of amateurphotographers who would like to explore how the images that theyhave taken look in different mediums.Virtually any image can beturned into a black and white photograph by using special filtersand effects to alter the appearance of the photo in aphotoshop program.
  6. 6. Commercial Photographers Commercial photographers are split on whether black and whitephotography is a good medium to use.Some commercialphotographers believe that the black and white images take awayfrom the beauty of the image by extracting all of the colors.
  7. 7. Image And The Surrounding BackgroundOther photographers believe that the photographs obtained byblack and white imaging are more beautiful because taking awaythe colors allow the person to focus on the actual image instead ofthe colors of the image and the surrounding background.
  8. 8. Many Photography ContestsHave an entire black and white photography section to the contestwhere people can have their images judged against other blackand white photographs.
  9. 9. Advantages Of Black And White Photography Black and white photography has many advantages overtraditional color photography.The most noticeable advantage isthe ability to have the focus of the photograph on the image andthe shading instead of how well the colors go together.
  10. 10. Photograph Styles There are many things that can be done with black and whitephotography that cannot be done with other photograph stylesbecause the images look very different when reduces to shades ofblack, white, and gray. The wide variety of applications availablefor use in black and white photography has made the hobby oneof the quickest growing past times across the nation.
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