Barn Quilt Photos. Take you best shot the first time

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Barn Quilt Photos. Take your best shot the first time. Have a look at this short and sweet "how to" on slideshare.

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2. 10 steps to take better pictures By Glenda Cochran 3. 1. Know your camera Read your manuals Set up auto focus Set up stabilizer Experiment with the camera settings, have fun 4. remove dirt or grit with a brush or air blower first Use a soft cloth micro cloth to wipe surface Cleaning solutions? Spray on cloth first, not on camera Follow these techniques for body, viewfinder and lenses Clean your camera bag, sand and grit can linger here 2. Clean your Camera 5. Automatic settings Manual settings Test battery Check memory space Check the weather, bright versus cloudy These simple checks will improve your photo success 3. Test camera 6. Always lock the focus before taking a picture. Frame, dont aim Get Closer Use flash outdoors Shoot from a different angle Place the subject off-center 4. TIPS FOR TAKING GOOD POINT AND SHOOT PHOTOS 7. See the difference 8. See the difference 9. Eye level is often not the best height from which to take pictures. Try squatting for a low angle, or standing on a chair for a high one. 5. Capture image 10. Avoid Camera Shake -elbows in - hold that stance - get leaning Use a tripod 11. Dont save bad photos. DELETE This simple tip will save you time and space on your camera memory card and your computer. 6. Delete photos off of camera 12. I once stored my memories in shoeboxes Cant say it enough. Back up, back up You never know when this could happen 7. bACK UP IMAGES 13. Do the basic editing on your photos Remove red eye Crop Straighten 8. EDIT See the difference 14. 9. EXPORT TO FOLDERS I once stored my memories in shoeboxes 15. This type of folder 16. Reputable photo processing business Proper storage of photos Archival grade photo albums EQUALS Years of enjoyment 10. PRINT 17. Glenda Cochran and family