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Thursday, February 13th from 6:30-8:00◦ Must check in with club officer

Mandatory attendance for grade ◦ Alternate asst. TBA after Gallery if absent

Displays up until February 27◦ Event shoot for tear down after school on this day

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See us about scheduling Media courses for next year!

◦ Photography◦ Broadcast◦ Journalism◦ Yearbook

If you do not put a course you really want as first choice and alternate, they will NOT schedule you into that course!

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Gallery event or Gallery tear down

Winter sports playoffs

Spring sports coming

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Be sure to use template

Timely but not less than 2 weeks ahead of event

Sports, Spirit, PSA or friendly messages

Upload JPEG only

If misspellings or poor work, won’t be posted

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Jostens contest

Submit yearbook worthy photos

If you want to enter, please see teacher by February 21 for paperwork

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Level 2 – Aperture Priority◦ Select amount of light◦ Select depth of field

Level 3 – Camera Raw◦ Shooting at higher resolution◦ Different file extension readable only in Photoshop

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Level 2 – Special Lighting Effects◦ Get creative with light

Level 3 – Camera Raw Editing◦ 5 tutorials this month all related to raw editing◦ No “review” level 2 tutorial to do this month

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Level 2 – Texture or Color◦ Shoot 20 texture OR color photos

Level 3 – Ordinary/Extraordinary◦ Take photos of ordinary items in extraordinary way

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Gallery/Gallery Tear Down

Winter Sports

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Eliminating Blogs

Will informally present photos on last day of each month and comment on one other’s

May also discuss/review issues regarding Photography

Must save photo in “sharing” folder within each class period

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Move to best work

Delete current month


Under 1GB – will not receive grade until this is complete!◦ May use a CD to move files home

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We need to set up all 3 browsers to PT Media◦ www.ptmedia.net

IE Firefox Chrome