Adobe Photoshop Elements 9

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This slideshow is to show someone the basics when using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9.


<ul><li> 1. How to use AdobePhotoshop Elements 9.</li></ul> <p> 2. MATERIALS: Computer Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 installed on thecomputer. 3. Steps/Process; 4. Step 1.Turn computeron. 5. Step 2.Log intocomputer. 6. Step 3.Open AdobePhotoshopElements 9. 7. Step 4.When this window appears, clickon Organise. 8. Step 5.Click on File, then New and finally click Photoshop Elements Image File. 9. Step 6.A little square box will appear. You will needto fill it out like below. (Once done click OK.) Make sure that Preset is onThe size International needs to A4. 10. Step 7.Open a photo file and drag photo fromwindow onto the white page. 11. Step 8.Your picturewill now be onyour screen.There are aheap ofdifferent tools.This tool menushould be onthe left handside of yourscreen. 12. Step 8 continued.This tool bar is on the right side of your screen. 13. Step 9.To save, click on File and then Save As. 14. Step 10.When this window appears, type in the mane of the picture,select the folder the picture will be in and click Save. 15. Step by Step: How to make Homer Simpson skinny using Adobe Photoshop Elements 9. 16. Step yourpicture anddrag it ontothe paper. 17. Step 2.double click onthe and awindow willcome up. 18. Step 3. 19. Final Product;</p>


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