6 Tips For Street Photography

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  1. 1. 6 Tips For Street Photography
  2. 2. Street photography is a way of taking pictures of nature and human conditions within public places.
  3. 3. It is a similar to photojournalism and generally includes people, animals and all things that tells a small story in photograph.
  4. 4. Some important tips for Beginners Street Photographers
  5. 5. Decide your plan for capturing photos, which type of photo you want to capture. For Example - 1.Portraiture 2.Unobtrusive 3.Intrusive 4.Geometric 5.Fine Art 6. Raw
  6. 6. Establish your subject or goal. Your subject can be any person, place or area where you want to click pictures.
  7. 7. Determine what kind of equipment you have and acknowledge its limitations.
  8. 8. Work with light if you are new street photographer .
  9. 9. Bring an assistant during street photography session.
  10. 10. Most important thing is to continually take photographs.
  11. 11. If you are trying to capture first time street's photgraph these tips will be helpful and will make your's photography unique.
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